Ban The Player Above You

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  1. Banned for being a hairy wolfie :lol:
  2. Banned for forcing others to play
  3. Banned for being too good with GIFs
  4. [​IMG]

    Because I am better

  5. Banned for being bad with GIFs
  6. banned for not being jennifer lawrence.
  7. Banned because I can't put whipped cream on you to make you taste better.
  8. Banned because you wasted the whipped cream
  9. Banned for being a unshaven wolf
  10. Banned for being a barcode
  11. Banned for having yellow text
  12. Banned because you got bad luck.
  13. Banned for having luck
  14. Banned for being a black cat
  15. Banned for being a wolf
  16. Banned for not being a wolf
  17. Banned for banning after being banned
  18. Banned for having "Zila" in his name.
  19. Banned cause peanuts are deadly