Ban The Player Above You

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  1. Im probably forum banned for editing it and writing a swear word. Facist mods. most of the players are 18+ anyway, and most of the 12+ already swear so much now. Banned anyway. Kinda ironic how the topic of this thread is getting people banned.



    Introducing a new forum game!
    Made by: ????

    Basically, what you do is be creative and think of a good (potentially funny) reason of why the person above you should be banned.


    (first post)
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  2. Banned for not bumping
  3. ^ banned for welcoming me to kaw >:eek:
  4. Banned for mis-banning someone
  5. Banned for dropping the soap
  6. Banned for creating words. "Mis-banning"
  7. Banned for purposely picking up the soap.
  8. Ban Troll because trolls are ugly.
  9. Banned for touching your toes
  10. Banned for watching me pick up the soap
  11. Banned for being punished for picking up the soap.
  12. Banned for eating the soap
  13. Q

    Banned for posting 'Murica **** yea poster in Japanese manga
  14. banned for ...boobies? that doesn't seem right.
  15. Banned for saying that.
  16. Banned for being a noob ^
  17. Banned for not letting me lick you
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  18. banned for being upset at not being allowed to do what so many men don't want to do anyway.
  19. ^banned for wasting words
  20. banned for not banning me for innuendo.

    and a second ban for being the 10,000th person to use that line.