Balanced vs Mixed Builds - The Truth (Updated for all Tiers)

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  1. I have a mixed build with balanced building cause I don't know what I'm doing.But I do make good plunder and I will farm you just fine
  2. You have done great Chub :lol:
  3. I read a paragraph...
  4. **** I just switched to balanced build.
  5. Interesting! Nice! :) will have to do so.
  6. Follow me, Versa.

    Interesting theory, but this isn't how it works. Every attack doesn't have a set, predetermined amount of strength. See, this is how it works:

    (I'll use T4 as an example)
    Cursed Foundary(LV3)
    Att: 103560
    Def: 68640
    Cap: 1200
    Rgn: 100
    FB: 60min
    TrpLs p/hit: 50 ((Rgn)/2)rounded
    RawAttFB: 5178000 (Att)*50
    RawDefFB: 3432000 (Def)*50
    TrpStr(att): 4315 (RawAttFB)/(Cap)
    TrpStr(def): 2860 (RawDefFB)/(Cap)
    AttStrLs p/hit: 215750 (TrpLs p/hit)*(TrpStr(att))
    DefStrLs p/hit: 143000 (TrpLs p/hit)*(TrpStr(def))

    Now that we have those out of the way, lets look at the ACTUAL strength P/Hit from full bar.
    Key: Hit - Att Str - Def Str
    0(FB) - 5178000 - 3432000
    1 - 4962250 - 3289000
    2 - 4746500 - 3146000
    3 - 4530750 - 3003000
    4 - 4315000 - 2860000
    5 - 4099250 - 2717000
    6 - 3883500 - 2574000
    7 - 3667750 - 2431000
    8 - 3452000 - 2288000
    9 - 3236250 - 2145000
    10 - 3020500 - 2002000
    11 - 2804750 - 1859000
    12 - 2589000 - 1716000
    13 - 2373250 - 1573000
    14 - 2157500 - 1430000
    15 - 1941750 - 1287000
    16 - 1726000 - 1144000
    17 - 1510250 - 1001000
    18 - 1294500 - 858000
    19 - 1078750 - 715000
    20 - 863000 - 572000
    21 - 647250 - 429000
    22 - 431500 - 286000
    23 - 215750 - 143000
    24 - 0 - 0

    How it worked: The strength for the first hit was the strength in row 0. The strength from the second hit was the strength in row 1. So on.

    I only typed the stats for CF, but I will be happy to show you the rest if you follow me back. Also, After the 14th hit, COE(Balanced) is stronger than the CF.
  7. Balanced builds use their full army, they just don't all die in the attack.
  8. ... sp=sharing

    Look at this. It will show you the strength of attack throughout your unload from full.

    What Versa is trying to say, basically, is that because you lose the same amount of troops every attack, you just multiply the troops lost by the strength of each soldier. It's actually really common to think that, and it's not how it works.

    How it actually works:
    Say you have 1 military balanced building down. It says on it-

    Building info
    attack: 0
    defense: 0
    spy attack: 0
    spy defense: 0
    soldiers: 1000/1000

    Soldier info
    attack: 25
    defense: 25
    spy attack: 0
    spy defense: 0
    +83 every 5min.

    When you close out of it, you'll have a full bar 1000 troops and no spies.
    When you go to your profile, Your raw stats will say
    attack strength: 25000/25000
    defense strength: 25000/25000
    spy attack strength: 0/0
    spy defense strength: 0/0
    The reason it says 25k is because your raw stats are your soldiers x your soldiers strength
    in this case, 1000 x 25 = 25000

    your stats(bta/ally bonus) will say
    attack: 500
    defense: 500
    spy attack: 0
    spy defense: 0
    Your bta is your raw stats divided by 50
    in this case, 25000/50 = 500

    Now say you go attack warbeasts and use minimum troops(at this size, you would probably fail, but for the purpose of teaching this, you do)
    You will use ALL 25000 STRENGTH to win the battle!

    You will have 958/1000 troops
    Your raw stats will be 23950/25000

    You attack again, you use ALL 23950 STRENGTH
    916/1000 troops
    22900/25000 raw stats

    This will continue on and on through the unload, using ALL YOUR STRENGTH, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    I really forgot what I was going to say because I got up mid message.. :shock: but i think i got it all out. :lol:
  9. Incorrect to what I was saying, in fact this is a whole different topic
  10. Sorry for the misunderstanding then. I thought that was what you meant when you said it didn't matter how much you regenerated or attacked because each attack loses the same amount troops.
  11. Res, you are very right with your comments, all of your troops alive will be considered to calculate the chance to win an attack and how many you will loose (as well as how much dmg you make to a player and plunder you make), the att strength per troops used has no real meaning.

    To me, this stats has no practical use except if you'd like to calculate the very first regen after you have been zeroed. But honestly, the strength difference is so small compared to BFE/BFA that it doesn't really matter.

    You could say that mixed builds aren't bad at generating plunder in ebs, I'll agree on that point.

    Conclusion: build whatever you like, the consequences aren't dramatic. But if you'd like to have the highest possible cs, don't build mixed...
  12. I agree, this is the difference in T5 MB v B. The difference really is small, especially when you convert back into bta(the universal stat).

    RGN 1, 4, 10
    B 1769394, 7077576, 17693940
    MB 1871816, 7487264, 18718160

    RGN 1, 4, 10
    B 1769394, 7077576, 17693940
    MB 1769892, 7079568, 17698920
  13. Nice thread very well done 
  14. I stated it once and I'll state it again, Im comparing attack power side by side. That means both builds from equal troop levels, this shows the mixed build being stronger and if you do some math, it actually adds up to be a noticeable difference - Ex. (In Att)
    Mixed from T5 = 225.52 per troop
    Balance from T5 = 213.18 per troop

    Now multiply it all by 50 (how many troops use in an attack) and you get this

    Mixed - 11,126
    Balanced - 10,659

    Now lets multiply by 50 to get raw attack power (per hit of course)

    Mixed - 556,150
    Balanced - 532,950

    This shows a difference of 23,200 attack power per attack. Now lets multiply it by 24 (number of buildings you can build in HL minus 1 for the balanced building the mixed build would use for the extra attacks.) The extra balanced build for the mixed will cancel out the balanced build's 25th balanced in HL.

    The mixed has 556,800 more attack power than the balanced per attack. Now lets multiply it by 6 ( a standard 15 minute regen for EE)

    That's 3,340,800 more attack power in those 6 hits favoring the mixed build. So yes, the numbers add up. You want to 50% to 75% if a bar due to tanking? Lets do it.

    Take 556,800 and multiply it by a half bar (13) and a 3/4 bar (19.5 rounded down to 19)

    With half a bar, the Mixed is stronger by 7,238,400 attack power.

    With 3/4 of a bar, the mixed is stronger by 10,579,200 attack power.

    In other words, your build matters because the situations you put yourself into will better be handled with a Mixed build, because it is mathematically proven (when both builds have equal troop levels) that Mixed is stronger.
  15. I apologize, divide all of the answers by 2 after I multiply it by 24. This is because I forgot the numbers came from pairings.

    6 attacks is actually 1,670,400

    Half bar is actually 3,619,200

    3/4 is actually 5,289,600

    Either way, this still shows a significant difference in the builds.
  16. The argument is not how much stronger it is, the argument is that the mixed is stronger when side by side with the balanced. It doesn't matter how "abysmal" the stats are (when first looked at) the fact still remains that it is stronger. Anything that can give you an edge you would do, even if its just a couple million more in attack power.
  17. No Versa, you are basing your thoughts on a stat that doesn't matter in the calculation of the chance to win a battle or not. This mechanism is only based on your raw stats which depend on your actual troop level.

    At 3/4 bar, a balanced build will have higher raw stats than a mixed build at the same troop level. It will therefore have a higher chance of a successful attack (and it will lose less troops if your opponent partially resists your attack) than a mixed build. The difference will go to zero when approaching the zero troop level.

    On the very first troop regen, the mixed build will however have a slight raw stats difference, I admit.
  18. I wanna thank you alot for this. but i wonder if you only gonna buy one building, attk,def or bala. wich is the best then? i think its attk but i want a genius explination like this. thanks again
  19. and how many guilds to buy then?