Balanced vs Mixed Builds - The Truth (Updated for all Tiers)

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  1. You know what's funny? This thread was never locked, it's been up for 3 years, there's obviously some truth to it.
  2. Op isn't straight up lying so they aren't gonna lock it he is just not correcty informed it u add up the numbers u see it's by the troops mech are something the Devs will not explain u just gonna find out on your very own.
  3. This whole thread was moved by the mods from Strategy to Guides months after it was created and confirmed numerous times by many people. See, back in 2013 there wasn't a guides tab on forums, so yes, it would have been locked if it was considered false, ill conceived or misleading.
  4. I was told to go hybrid log ago when I just got into the game. The kid that was helping told how many of what an what to build while starting my first lands
  5. The red hard to read
  6. Is this still true for the tiers that have been added since this was made?