Balanced vs Mixed Builds - The Truth (Updated for all Tiers)

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  1. Thank you so much once again! Now I can finally decide which build path would be better for me! :D
  2. Bump for the noobs
  3. Mind boggling how such a wrong thread has got many people thinking it's right.
  4. Mind boggling that you think you are right
  5. This thread is so untrue got me thinking it was a troll.
  6. If you had a functioning brain, it would make sense.
  7. No it really doesn't its actually a load of crap someone got bored.
  8. The most important thing I learned from this thread is that dark blue text is hard to read.
  9. So is this stuff true or not ? Idek
  10. No.

    Balanced builds are superior to mixed. Ignore this crap.
  11. Re: Balanced vs Mixed Builds - The Truth

    Here's what I said on p. 2.
  12. purple text is really had to read.
  13. I think op smokes to much weed what's it matter if each troop is stronger? U don't use them singularly a balanced build also takes more hits to pin a mixed build will have a harder time to pin a balanced build y Bc they lose the same amount of troops regardless of building so mixed build loses a higher percentage of their strength each hit then a balanced build so no matter how u cut the pie the results are the same However with this said I will leave one point for someone else to bring up that's if they do.
  14. I think the mixed build actually does do more damage per hit, but the balanced build allows you to get in more hits.
  15. No just no lol
  16. And again no just no lol
  17. I mean, if you'd like to look at the original post date, that might curb your enthusiasm. Also, feel free to provide a statistical rebuttal if you disagree so harshly. I will admit I haven't looked into anything in the recent years but the numbers never changed for those tier lists.
  18. Did anyone else have to skip the blue part?
  19. Tested back in t5 blanced build paid 2.5% more then a high Attack build a defs heavy paid 5% more Whats a Attack then defs heavy build pay 2.5% more very same as the blanced building to began with as far as t6-t7 I have no checked for cost reasons and I don't have a hansel that can just build and destory buildings like candy.
  20. O also something op missed -- those numbers and strength go by each troop not the building as a whole. Each troop is also stronger with the balanced build however many who don't crack the numbers as I do are gonna totally over look that very detail. So his dividing the building strengths by us troops is invalid