Balanced vs Mixed Builds - The Truth (Updated for all Tiers)

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  1. *** Disclaimer (Updated 26 Mar 16) *** This thread was created in 2013 where the individual troop stats were not made available to the public. This is purely a historic thread to find the hidden troop stats and gain a better understanding on the game's mechanics. Today you are given the stats, which dozens, including myself, have spent countless hours trying to reasonably calculate. These numbers are factual in calculation and barring a small margin of error, are close to being correct. The end statement still holds true, Mixed Builds Attacks are Stronger from an equal regen. And again, thank the devs for confirming what many players have been searching for, and without further ado, enjoy the thread :D

    Hello everyone and welcome to my thread showing the straight up comparison of Balanced and Mixed builds. Hopefully you enjoy the read and learn something today :D

    Tl;dr - Balanced Builds are actually worse off than Mixed Builds

    Definition and History

    A balanced build is basically the build you use to have the largest possible combined stats. It is the strongest building when it comes to stats and is usually used with hansels for their extra two attacks and as a total stat boost.

    A mixed build is using Attack and Defensive troop buildings evenly instead of balanced buildings. This shows to have weaker stats and you don't get the two extra hits in an unload.

    So all of KaW basically said it is a waste of time to mix build because it lowers your stats and it lowers your total attacks in an unload. Basically mixed is bad monkey juju an balanced is the bomb!

    Revelations an Realizations!

    What if I told you that everyone is wrong? That balanced buildings are actually weaker than the mixed build? You would all laugh at me and call me crazy and say something like

    This is where I step in and tell you all to not worry, I am not crazy from all the ee and crazy updates from these crazy developers, and I can assure you that my claim is true. Here, let me prove it to you :D

    The Proof!

    Lets look at all the Tiers and Att, Bal, and Def buildings, all level 3 for ease of access. (Except t6, that will be for level one until I get my hands on level two stats)
    Tier 1:
    Workshop (Att) - 2,400/1,600

    Stable (Bal) - 2,000/2,000

    Barracks (Def) - 1,600/2,400

    All three buildings in this category have the same troop levels, combined stats, and regen rates. They will not be used in this experiment.
    Tier 2:
    Forge (Att) - 7,200/4,800

    Beastiary (Bal) - 6,720/6,720

    War Cathedral (Def) - 5,600/7,200

    The Forge and War Cathedral have 2,000 Troops and a regen rate of 167 taking 60 minutes for a full bar to regen.
    The Beastiary has 2,100 Troops and a regen rate of 161 taking 70 minutes for a full bar to regen.
    Tier 3:
    Subterranean Factory (Att) - 21,600/14,400

    War Aviary (Bal) - 19,740/19,740

    Summoning Circle (Def) - 16,400/21,600

    The Subterranean Factory and Summoning Circle have the same troop count and regen as in Tier 2.
    The War Aviary has the same troop count and regen as in Tier 2.
    Tier 4:
    Cursed Foundry (Att) - 103,560/68,640

    Circle of Elements (Bal) - 94,744/94,744

    Titans Lair (Def) - 78,672/103,680

    The Cursed Foundry and Titans Lari have 1,200 Troops and a regen rate of 100 taking 60 minutes for a full bar to regen.
    The Circle of Elements has 1,300 Troops and a regen rate of 100 taking 65 minutes for a full bar to regen.
    Tier 5:
    The Hatchery (Att) - 256,320/169,880

    The Colony (Bal) - 234,498/234,498

    Torture Garden (Def) - 194,720/256,600

    The Hatchery and Torture Garden have 1,000 Troops and a regen rate of 83 taking 60 minutes for a full bar to regen.
    The Colony has 1,100 Troops and a regen rate of 83 taking 70 minutes for a full bar to regen.
    Tier 6:
    Blood Barracks (Att) - 131,202/87,462

    Elven Temple (Bal) - 119,860/119,860

    Rime Fortress (Def) - 99,576/131,202

    The Blood Barracks and Rime Fortress have 900 troops and a regen rate of 75 taking 60 minutes for a full bar to regen.
    The Elven Temple has 1,000 Troops and a regen rate of 75 taking 70 minutes for a full bar to regen.
    All the Balanced buildings win with their higher combined stats, so lets add it up and see where everyone stand on the two builds.
    - Mixed Builds being 1 Att building and 1 Def building (M)
    - Balanced being 2 Balanced buildings (B)
    Tier 2:
    M - 12,800/12,000
    B -13,440/13,440

    Tier 3:
    M - 38,000/36,000
    B - 39,480/39,480

    Tier 4:
    M - 182,232/172,320
    B - 189,488/189,488

    Tier 5:
    M - 451,040/426,480
    B - 468,996/468,996

    Tier 6:
    M - 230,778/218,664
    B - 239,720/239,720

    Clearly Im on to something guys!!! I look so wrong right about now until I bring up a hidden game mechanic. :O

    Attack Power per Hit or APpH

    Each building has a specific amount of troops. My idea (and discovery) is that each troop contributes to the building's overall strength. So my theory was "Sure, Balanced Buildings have higher stats but they also have more troops contributing to those stats!" On that note, each singular troops contributes a set amount of strength to the building.

    So lets take those numbers and see how strong EACH INDIVIDUAL troop is.
    This will be accomplished by dividing how strong the building is by how many troops the building contains. I will once again use Mixed and Balanced build types (The same exact rules I gave above).
    Tier 2:
    M - 3.2/3
    B - 3.2/3.2

    Tier 3:
    M - 9.5/9
    B - 9.4/9.4

    Tier 4:
    M - 75.93/71.8
    B - 72.88/72.88

    Tier 5:
    M - 225.52/213.24
    B - 213.18/213.18

    Tier 6:
    M - 128.21/121.48
    B - 119.86
    - As you can see, the strength of the attacks are actually stronger with mixed buildings as early as Tier 3 and even with the balanced build in both Tiers 1 and 2.
    - The Defense stat tends to remain very close to the Balanced build but it starts to grow stronger once Tier 5 is utilized and the gap widens even more with Tier 6.

    Holy crap! It shows that each troop is actually stronger with the mixed buildings than with the balanced buildings!

    Now if the Mixed Build is stronger per troop, it is reasonable to say that the Mixed Build has stronger attacks/defends as well. That is just common sense, the stronger the troops, the stronger the attacks. Especially when each Tier burns the same amount of troops per attack. Balanced builds do not use more troops per attack, if they did, they wouldn't have the two extra attacks.[/color]

    The Aftermath!

    Ok, I apologize for laying that bombshell down without some more critical analysis. So here is some of that right now :D

    As you can see, the mixed building may appear weaker but in reality, it deals stronger attacks. On an attack by attack basis in a side-by-side comparison of these two builds, the mixed is stronger.


    Ok so the balanced building receives two more attacks than the mixed build, that is why it appears to be stronger in the cs standpoint. Understandably you can potentially make more plunder with a balanced build thanks to those two extra attacks. Yet that can be accomplished by placing one balanced building, and the rest mixed. The Balanced building does not use more troops per attack, but instead increase your troop bar capactity by 1-1.5 regens. Do not get those two confused.
    Now I must stress this very important part, if you're fighting from a pinned state (wars, 1v1, etc...) mixed is the best because those two extra attacks probably don't influence to much in pin. Lets be honest, those two attacks only come from a full bar and how often do you have a full bar when fighting from pin?
    However, from an eb standpoint, if you continuously unload a full bar every 70 minutes, Balanced might be the build for you because you don't need that little bit of extra hitting power; you're always going to have a full bar to unload. Yet I digress, the purpose of this thread is to show the KaWmunity that a Mixed build is a lot more reasonable than it appears to be. :p Build one balanced building and the rest mixed, there's my expert advice.
    Time to talk about plunder. Using a Mixed build will result in more plunder than with the Balanced build (if you follow my steps above and place one balanced building for the extra attacks). This is because all defensive buildings gain a 5% plunder increase to their BUILDING'S PLUNDER. Basically if half of your troop buildings are attack and the other half is defense, you will roughly gain 2.5% (5% divided in half) more plunder than a Balanced Build would. Keep in mind this is not going to take affect on your ally bonus, just your plunder.
    More Facts

    *Defensive buildings in both Tiers 4 and 5 have a stronger defensive stat than the Attacking building's attack stat in these tiers.
    *The Balanced Building in Tier 4 is the only building to regen a full bar in 65 minutes. (Other than Tier 1 but that really isn't a balanced building)
    Hopefully I didn't blow any brains onto the walls or make you, the reader, have a massive migraine while in the middle of work, sleeping, school, anything. I apologize and hope you will forgive me.

    -Versa- 

    PS, If I missed anything or you want to see anything added, let me know and I'll edit it on my handy dandy laptop right next to me.

    Edit ** Color Changes.
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    Btw thank you for making genuinely thought out well produced threads with information and effort, 10/10 keep it up forums will be better off with your presence 
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    This isn't a thread based on build types, I stated hansels because 99% of them have one balanced building. I guess this would pertain to a build that has more than one or two attack buildings. So ya, hybrids could fit into this category but anyone with 3 or more attack buildings do as well.
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    Versa if you build a t6 attack the difference is even easier to see.
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    Exactly sky  I don't have t6 stats readily available so I picked a more relevant one for people still growing (and isn't a rip off of gold) to get the point across :D
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    I know but you can see the difference in damage by changing one building from the even one to the attack one (attacking haunting)
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    Interesting. I was trying that style out myself (one colony and an even mix of hatcheries and torture gardens) just to see how it worked out. Good read :)
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    Interesting and great read
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    so while attack building an attack building gives a stronger attack and defense building gives a stronger defense ex. 1mil cs of attack building is a stronger attack then 1milcs of balanced building.

    A build that is mixed between attack and defense buildings will give a weaker attack and defense them one compromised of all balanced buildings based solely on cs
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    What u have shown is that mixed has a stronger stats/regen. This might be useful if ur in EE hitting out of ko. From full balanced is still stronger and will remain so on unloads. It's a matter of choice and/or playing style.
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    Interesting, fantastic read. Keep up the good work.
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    What about plunder per hit? I believe mixed builds suffer from low plunder. Haven't tested myself but "have been told that" by friend who has tested.
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    Corsair did not read it correctly or did not understand it. Either way, mixed is stronger per hit, and more effective on certain play styles.

    As for plunder, plunder ranks work with Att being the lowest, Balanced in the middle and Defence being the highest 
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    You would have -5% from Att and +5% from def, they counteract each other.
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    Versa, nice thread which explains your point of view very intelligibly (the blue is bad though on PC, lol).

    But, according to your own logic, you'd be much better off to build fully offensive instead of going mixed to have the highest att/hit stats... So why would you go for such a mixed build as it seems inferior to both other builds depending on the situation?
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    Nice post versa!
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    It also has better defensive stats and keeps the plunder difference to 0. Att receive -5% in plunder and defense receives a plus 5% so it equals it out
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    That is if you got 1 def for 1 Att :D it's all personal preference lol this was to prove that mixed isn't as inferior as people think
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    Atk received 0%. Def gets 5%. So 2.5% average. Balanced gets...?