Balance game out for smalls (30m cs to 100m cs)

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  1. LOL no. You talked about the differences between 30mcs and 100mcs. Stick to a story. Editing your post won't make this any better of an idea.
  2. Small people don't NEED to compete with the giant players. People need to learn to compete within their size range and they will enjoy the game a lot more. Join a clan and work to get past the next guy in the CR, then the next guy. No need to fight against people doing the biggest ebs. That's like a McDonald's employee saying that they can't compete with the top 1%. Oh wait they do complain, but that's just about getting a living wage (earning enough gold to upgrade?)
  3. No 100m cs guys are not making that much more plunder. They don't get full drops asof/lotl from one unload either. 300m cs guys are the ones that are growing apart from the rest of the crowd. It's 30m cs to 100m cs people that grows too slowly.
  4. it basically comes down to how many cruxes and crystals you get, people can grow to massive stats in monthes lol
  5. Great, I'm not even considered a small account...
  6. You would be classified under inactive
  7. When did 30mil cs become small? XD i remember like it was yesterday Chongo_Hombre at no.1 with 5mil attack stat which was bigger than my entire cs :p
  8. Since bigs are 500m cs now. 30m cs isn't even 10% of that.
  9. 100mcs isn't small, its 20% and IMO 30mcs isn't small either, yes it may be smaller than a chunk of accounts, but when you try playing the game without paying getting to 30mcs takes a while, to me, being just over 30mcs is big, its the biggest account I own.

    Just because you are butthurt because you don't wanna spend a few bucks doesn't mean the devs need to change anything, the stuff that small players get now let's them grow much faster.

    If there were events that I could earn 2-3T when I started then I would probably be much much closer to BC if not BC.

    1 week of double plunder, free money, etc.

    Plus you could always buy a few seals and xtals if you don't think you are growing fast enough ;D


    Have a nice day :D
  10. Also, is there a reason why people below 30mcs aren't considered small? :lol:
  11. Took me less than two months to reach 30m cs. No spending. You can tell by my achievements, when I explored my 15 HL etc. I was 2m cs in Feb. So under 30m cs obviously don't need help in growing, they are inactives.
  12. Leeeelllllzzzz
  13. It the ebs you are doing that keeps you small, waste of time basically.
  14. Lol. Hmmmmmmm. .-. You are all over the place with your argument. First you argue that small and mid-level players are being left out, then you claim under 30mcs don't need help. Pick a side, woman.
  15. She's not all over the place with her arguments. I believe what OP is trying to say is that growth is pretty steady and decent till around 30M CS. Then you get to a bracket of about 30M CS to 100M CS where growth kinda hits a wall and it's a lot harder to grow. She's talking about making it easier to grow in that bracket. Maybe instead of attacking the OP for everything she writes you could offer a helpful suggestion?

    Growth is quick now as a small player if you know what you're doing. Remember, it's easy for us to point out how easy it is because we know the game mechs. We know about MP, we know how events work, we know hitting items gets us good gold. New players don't have that knowledge. So yeah it's easy for us to grow a small account now but it's not as easy for a new player who has no idea what they're doing. That's where the problem is.

    As for the 30M CS to 100M CS bracket, I can see OPs point. I'm in that bracket now and it is a bit slow going at times. But I can still make 150-200b a day if I'm active enough. If you don't have the cash, KaW is about grinding. It is what it is. You can still grow at a decent pace. I don't believe there's anything devs can do to make growing easier. They've already slashed HL prices (HF will folloe eventually I imagine). They've already added plunder to ebs. What else can they do? Growing is slow at times but just gotta stick with it and grind it out. It is what it is. Otherwise start spending cash quick :lol: I don't have a problem with making growth easier, that helps everyone. But there isn't really anything they can do. There are other problems to consider as well, like inflation.

    I understand your point OP, but KaW isn't like other games where you can BC in a year (if you're not spending cash). KaW just doesn't work like that. Certainly not anymore. That's how it is. If you wanna get big without spending, you have to put the time in.
  16. Took me five years to get ~15millcs :lol: