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  1. I saw your recipe for dough balls,O.P.

    It reminded how, as a child, I would mash white bread into little balls and fish carp and catfish outta the canal in my back yard. no need for a fancy recipe or store bought nonsense haha.
  2. Todd is so angry with his life we need to get him therapy
  3. i wonder if he noticed that i wrote the pronunciation of his name as "tōd" instead of "tad"?
  4. lol I'm not angry  ...I just hate idiots (word) lol
  5. lol yeah maybe I can find a psychiatrist who'll trade me therapy for money huh? 
  6. ...or maybe I could go "gather" or "hunt" some therapy? Right? (idiots learn basic English) then talk to me about how messed up I am lol
  7. let it all out, todd. you're among friends. it's okay. it's going to be okay.
  8. Turd piss off you annoying prick. Just because you're autistic doesn't mean you get a pass to be a pleb
  9. Interesting. What I see here is someone criticizing another player for their poor grammar and English skills. However, the insult has backfired.

    In almost every post by Todd, I see him use ... consistently. Since he is so skilled of an English speaker (or writer, in this case) would he not know how to properly tie in ideas with his topic sentence?

    How to construct a simple paragraph is something a fifth grader knows. Can we correctly assume that?
  10. Todd can you define the word "joke" for me
  11. Yes look in the mirror and write down the 1st words that come to mind ..theres your joke 
  12. I feel as if ive missed something within thw discussion
  13. Are you all in on this or is this an actual argument?
  14. *buzzer sound* sorry Todd that is incorrect! Better luck next time
  15. So I use to catch these fish called chubs....they were bottom feeders like wordwaster. Instead of worms or lures I'd just break off a piece of bologna and put it on a hook. Would catch one every cast. Hope it helps with your fishing.
  16. I do love to feed those bottoms.
  17. What does this have to do w the thread though.
  18. I just don't understand how toad can manage to run a business where he employs 57 people, and yet spend every waking minute of every single day posting on every page, of every thread.
  19. ATA sent Todd on a lil forums vacation ..... the silence is beautiful.

    BTW - 3 seals for anyone getting me names of his alleged three mains that can supposedly strip me by themselves. Names will be confirmed first obviously ️.
  20. Instead of baiting who wants to try dating