"badas" clans rated episode 1

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  1. U red it chumps. I payed these clans a bisit to see whats ap.
    I estarted buy bisitin kofte.Those chumps neber fel to amaze me.
    Lemme estart buy sayin i aplied. I was rijected.How dare this ragtag asembly of good for nothins reject me?
    Howeber, im a champ. I don get discuraged. I get motibated to achibe my gols. I aplyed once more.
    I was in.
    I estoped by cc to say hello cuz im a gentolman an estuff.
    Those ponks wore shoked. They neber sin a estar like urs truly.
    They estarted bin hostile to me. But im a champ an an americam gaddarn it(as if it was not a synonim). I aint takin  from nobody. So i estarted rekin those chumps with ma hier intelect, estreet esmarts an vastly supirior bocavulary. Once they nu ther place. I proceded to kindly but firmly ask for admin. I diserbe no less.
    I was giben admin of curse.Wel deserbed if u ask me. I was born to lid.
    So eberything was good. I was chillin. A few atacks here an there. I asumed they wore koftes botom feeders mad cuz i climbed the corporate lader more faster eben tho they bin beggin for yirs.
    As i sed befor, i think once i put them in ther place, olmost everyone estarted actin normal but valky? Jisus christ that dud is obnoxius. He wans to b me so bad. I kinda ignored his as.
    I was performin ma admin dutyes at top performance. I cud directly translate ma eskils as a mba. That plos ma lirership. I can honestly say that clan was the best run clan in the histori of kaw.
    Until sabage showed ap.
    I saw him at door an nu he was ap to no good. An i was not rong. He estormed in cc like an angry granpa.that dud is prolly 90 yo. He beged someone for admin an expel me unaware that his chump as clan was performin at the top. Plos they neber have had more fun in ther live. An so they went bak to bin a borin as clan. Lame.

    Rating 6
    Pros: they habe some fon duds. U can habe a good time but…
    Cons: a few of those chumps are truly killjoys.

    Can they improbe? Yes. Don let those party poopers anywhere nir ur clan an u can get a solid 7.6
  2. I googled "signs of someone having a stroke" and this thread was the first thing that popped up.
  3. Shakespeare would be jealous of this literary genius
  4. Lmao ,good read.
  5. Brain numbed
  6. I forgot to mention that as soon as i got in lola was ol ober me. She was desperet. Jeez. I had to unlod a ful bar on her to shake her of
  7. You should be happy that you can still ‘unload a full bar’ at your age my friend. You should celebrate.
  8. You actually spelled Lola correctly that’s awesome, Gj
  9. U only nid a finger to pres a buton. Now, if u tokin about that other thing let me tel u im bery bery capable. So habin sed that don make these thred wird. U can b a crip in some other thred
  10. This is the hero KaW needs to save it. Saving clans from boredom and all party poopers. You truly are a ester
  11. this thread is faeces
  12. SaulTfeat is indeed, a legend in his own mind..
  13. FmlI've never laughed so hard, gotta say funny shat ive ever read
  14. I like this guy.
  15. Haha! Very funny. Looking forward to him visiting another clan
  16. “An MBA” not “a MBA”

    Other than that 10/10 thread
  17. reported for swears in title

    come on salty dude not cool
  18. Omg lock this poorly written thread!!
  19. "Bastiliy supirir bovacabulaty" lol that's gotta be greatest thing u have ever said, and I'm not going to lie I may have to steal that from you... I have been spelling that wrong my entire life. Thank you
  20. Lol salty good stuff!!