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  1. So... what do yall think about the recent lack of forum activity by users?

    A. Are users finally sick of the game and leaving?

    B. Are users lurking in threads waiting for other users to make an ass-het out of themselves?

    C. Or are users sick of the crappy threads and dont bother to waste time opening forums just to see crappy threads?

    D. All of the above.

    E. Extraneous Reasons

    The answers are A for reason 1,
    B for reason 2, C for reason 3, D for all of the above reasons (reason 4) or E for extraneous reasons(reason 5)

    Imma make this into a poll with % calculated per answer (in thread poll since idk how to do other ones)

    If this actually becomes something (no intention ) It will be updated daily @8Am
  2. Personally it's B and C for me
  3. You know when you open the fridge a bunch of times expecting something different each time... Yeah I've been doing that a lot lately with forums.

    Honestly I'm glad you're addressing the issue head on.
  4. This is honestly pretty accurate. That, and letter C. The x_x guy doesn't help either, but he's more like that one 'special' puppy that keeps running into the screen door over and over again.
  6. @ Shaktira. I suffer from Einstein's view on insanity.
    Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.

    That's forums.
  7. I always open your threads Suptis. They are my favourite.

    I don't know about general users for A, but I reckon forum users are. And for forums itself I would go with C and E.

    I admit, I am not always the biggest thread contributor. That is in part due to my attempt at an apolitical stance, and not fitting in with a lot of the Amerocentric content. I might just sound like I am making excuses, but I love threads about books, series, art, debates, and war drama - which there aren't really a lot of these days.
  8. I like crappy threads myself, as long as they're amusing, but I got bored of the game. ~Noodle
  9. c is for crippling depression
  10. A

    Same reason I can see 1-2 mins of wc activity without scrolling.