Azure Team PvP Event

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  1. This forum guide is for our team to work together and hold these strongholds as a team so we can get more points from pvp actions.

    Strongholds are temporary players, destroy them to capture them. Repair them to keep them in your possession. Team that does the most damage to it captures it once it's destroyed.

    Ebs drop items that let you repair or destroy. You buy the 2nd item in the marketplace that let's you choose to repair or destroy.

    Hitting players gives you points, and if your team has strongholds you get more points from pvp .

    If we all hit North and South Strongholds and hold those all war we can win this easily. Please focus North first then South.


    Best of luck to everyone!
  2. Thank you Saelif for helping me.
  3.  Good luck everybody
  4. We’re under siege Azure, defend SouthStronghold
  5. Our team sucks
  6. I couldn’t agree more 
  7. Okay guys we gotta rally. We have to hold at least 1 stronghold to make any significant progress. Let’s all focus North then we gotta build it up well
  8. Will do, we oughta group up in a clan or something, that seems to be the thing to do
  9. I wondering how we gonna survive this
  10. We won't. Our team sucks lol
    But if it's even worth trying, we all need to be in a clan and not discussing tactics in an open forum.. huge oversight by the devs imo.
  11. We have a clan called Azure and a line. Just PM if you want to be added