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  1. Aztec:Beginning

    Part 1

    In the Deserts of Mexico a man roamed, his name is doom. A dead man walking... a target of many.

    What for you ask? Well this man is Named doom a reason, he killed many soldiers during his travels spanish, french, british. no matter the nationality no matter the name he slaughters all in his path.

    After living a Month on iguanas and insects he decided to go rob a small village. he arrived after five hours of walking in the hot, bright desert. He entered the bar where he saw a few villagers and the bartender.

    He goes to the bartender and says "dame una botella de dos equis." The bartender brings the bottle and says that will be 6. When doom quickly says he doesn't have the money and pulls out his .32 revolver and says "dame todo tu dinero o te mataré"

    The bartender cowardly quickly moves and starts grabbing the cash. everyone unsuspecting. When suddenly a stranger says "why rob such a poor place doom?"
    Everyone starts to run outside when they hear the dispute and the name doom.

    Doom turns around slowly and points his revolver at the stranger while pulling out his 6" knife. The Stranger says "I've been looking for you doom." while holding his knife he quickly rushes towards doom knowing that he has no bullets.

    Doom quickly throws his revolver at the stranger and rushes at him. They engage each other and the deadly brawl begins. 10min pass by and the stranger and Doom are still brawling now hand to hand as both have seem to lost there knifes.  They struggle as the fight seems evenly matched. When Suddenly the stranger stabs doom with a tranquilizer dart.

    The stranger suddenly says I've been looking for you doom. My names cartman, Remember it. *Doom passes out*
  2. *story is obviously fictional, don't get butthurt if my story isn't in our dimension!*
  3. Why would doom slaughtered all on his path? o_O
  4. Wait he speaks Spanish at first then magically speaks English ? I'm seeing some wholes in this plot
  5. After reading that I feel as diabetic as Big Mac.
  6. be quiet, pimples
  7. Is this supposed to be a recruitment thread?
  8. Holes*
  9. Pipe*
  10. Lol this was originally a short story by one of our more creative members, back when there were a few writing stories on forums.
  11. But I love Aztec haters feel sad and need to trash a thread From,a years ago