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  1. Can we get some conquistadors to make this clan go inactive?

  2. A conquistador in a shell of iron,
    A wanderer, I chase eternal bliss.
    A mercenary and a sword for hire,
    I conquer lands and hearts for this.

    Yet skies are gloom and soul set on fire.
    The hunger never stops. The thirst will never cease.
    I'd trade my fame and fortune for a kiss,
    A conquistador in a shell of iron.

    And if my life is nothing but a lie,
    Then I will weave myself another guile,
    And in my battles forge my dream to steel,

    And knight it by the light of silent stars.
    And to the armor of my battle scars
    I'll add the fragile tenderness of lily.

  3. Lol cuz you cant do it yourself
  4. @doom... Ur a Nub 
  5. That's a hell of a reply lili 
  6. Funny going through this thread and seeing all the haters for the most part have gone inactive 
  7. @doom... U just came back from being inactive hahaha
  8. Nope I restarted again, lol I've do it every time I get bored 

  9. Or noob reality sinks in 
  10. I keep having people ask me if I'm from Aztec.It's kind of weird considering I haven't played in a number of years.
  11. Support and respect
  12. I thought you guys were dead 

  13. So hard to hear someone so small.
  14. Support, respect, and mad love to all you sexy mud truckers!
    Long live AZ!
  15. You're only a shadow of your former selves. Y'all know it.

  16. Who are you again?
  17. @KiD You are correct! The Aztec Empire is the "Empire of Destruction" considering it was destroyed.

    I will join the Conquistadores, so I can win.
  18. Love my friends at Aztec!