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  1. That one steal was from buttersauce .Pull up your droopy pants twinky you big wannabe & rubbish warrior.You've just been suited & BOOTED.
  2. When you get rekt by Roni you know you should just quit the game and give up. bye twink
  3. We're Aztec. Not Mayan. Nothin wrong just Aztec. What's wrong with being green? Anywho Trolls plz be on your way. Making my sexy thread a bit ugly. Don't need the stains laying around.
  4. This is why we can't have nice things.

    Please take this squabble off the clan thread. Both of you are toeing the line with the personal attacks. If it continues, I will have to clean and ban.

  5. Jeez wrecked by roni 
  6. The bros are back,in town!!!##
  8. join my clan, we have putin
  9. much love, more marriage <3
  10. Damn! Aztec still has some of the ugliest groupies following them around!
  11. Nice recruitment thread :D

    May i borrow your heels @sexyheels sis :p
  12. Truth
  13. Nice thread. Support to Aztec
  14. Support team Aztec
  16. Them rainbow looking colors are perfect choice for Aztec.
  17. what rainbows lol
  18. Damn another Ugly groupy!

    Y'all worse than Hendrix.
  19. Support glad to see Aztec is still around I think this was the 3rd clan I was in since I started playing but the longest I stayed in a clan