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  1. Support great clan :)
  2. You guys still chugging along being irrelevant?
  3. When did that loco"never had any "motion
    ever even move . with twinky in it it's all yap and no back & no fight and fire to even get it at full throttle - full speed ahead !!
  4. Well, this was an excellent thread. Gg, Aztec and op!!!!!!!!
  5. Roni, we done told you. You cant be the aztec caboose until you stop coming out and bothering the passengers.

    I guess you could shovel coal, though. But no talking to anyone. Ever...
  6. Lol
  7. Let's tell it as it is twinky :- without me as fuel to the fire you fail to get ignited and start. Twinky always a non self starter he needs a big jumpstart to get the balls rolling !!
  8. Yea... So...

    When you think up these retorts of yours, are they always just random phrases that have no relevance or context to the person you are attempting to sound clever too?

    I mean, when have you ever not looked like attention craving fool after i rattle your cage?

    You get flustered and start claiming stuff that is hilarious. Watching a train wreck shouldn't be funny, but you metaphorically make that catastrophe laughable.

    Thats why you cant be the conductor or the caboose. You cant make it from point A to point B without derailing yourself into the side of a mountain.

    I do find you entertaining though. Kinda like one of those little monkeys that wears people cloths and pretends to be a human.

    I bet if i started grinding away on an organ you would start dancing like a champ.


    "Fuel to a fire" lol. All i can say to that is, on a good day you're at best
    Some soggy tofu. Mushy and flavorless by its self. Only time you are palatable is when you are leeching up other peoples flavor.
  9. No twinky i dont make it up i know it 1st hand from you from experiance.i hit you last week and you never hit back at all. Also i hit you a few months back and you didnt hit back at all either.Yet you so full of insults towards me .But all they are is words and you got no fight in you beyond that.Many kaw people have flavour .Sadly though not you twinky all you are is a buttkisser and not your own man .When i did a thread about me and scoop's fight .You twinky butted it and attemped to make it about you.Likewise when i was talking to eb lord you yet again butted in trying to make it about you.You are like a jealous puppy that the highlight isnt ever you.
  10. Oh, could i forget this,

    Yep, that was you. But from the time you did send those hits you where(just like last time) dtw.

    So i figured id take a few ss's cause it already been over an hour of you doing that "thing" you bad mouth others about.

    As expected...

    Yea.... Hypocrite

    Pretty sure thats you being one of those people that you say such horrible things about on forums.

    And seriously, how have you not caught on to the fact that im only doing to you, is, and has been, what you are always doing to others?

    You just cant stand people not taking notice of you. So you end up repeating your "im kaw famous! Just no one knows so now im gonna bla blah blaaa about myself".

    You get backed in a corner cause you say stupid things that are easily proven to be stupid... You damn dummy

    Recent examples.

    Just on the last thread we argued, you said i was on some rap freestyle thread getting owned... how can you even think everyone wasnt about to go search the forums for that?

    But looking like a desperate ass hat once just wasnt enough.

    Then you must of just started saying what ever you could think of... Cause next you told me how i was hiding in apoc clans gitting ebs while my clan was in an osw.

    I rarely ever, and i mean ever, leave the clan i call home. You find an ss' of me hitting an eb anywhere other than Aztec with in, say the last 4 to 6 months, then you win. I wont bother you ever again.

    I could continue, but ill get back to grinding my organ cause you dont have to many more dances left in you before your loud mouth, lie say, forum gimmick, try hard ass wont be able to fool the noobest of noobs anymore.

    You god damn worthless hypocrite..

    What you posted was weak. Your argument was weak. Your ss's were weak.

    Maybe you should keep your weak ass out of forums.

    You really are one of a kind. You are the only one that could not grasp how stupid that statement is coming from you.
  11. The delusional vs the irrelevant. This should be fun to watch
  12. twinky theres many many hours in a week and month .I hit many people and i get much inc if they can hit me then why cant you ? The key is to keep trying . if shadowofdeath could hit me than why didnt you be persistant? Because you have no stamina that's why. You just like before prefer to just go straight into the ebs.Twinky is no badboy because any hardcore warrior would keep at it till they catch me and obviously get me when i am sleeping .If all those who brag they have stripped me can " strip" me obviously they can do it when i am not dtw !!! Do stop fobbing off the excuses and lies twinky.Even killercapone has been able to hit me and nelsonator and plenty more.Just not you ? Because you have no fight in you to keep knocking till you get let in .Any Warrior worth their weight in gold would not let any one attack them and not ever hit them back not even once.Even angel in high heels has hit me just not twinky because you are just a forum warrior & nothing else.
  13. i been clan less for hours and been asleep[​IMG] i just woke up and no inc from twinky at all . [​IMG] [​IMG] no twinky in sight how big a dissapointment he is !
  14. and twinky you are seen out of aztec plenty.The time i hit you a couple months ago you was jumping in many.And i dont need get jealous when i dont get attention because not a day goes by that i am not mentioned somewhere.i dont need do or say any thing my name is spoke about .No promps needed ! You though twinky just a cog in the wheel of apoc nothing else. Sag your pants a little more twinky " You so forum gangster " !!
  15. [​IMG]people ( Twinky ) who live in glass houses.Shouldnt throw stones !!
  16. Whats wrong with the mayan empire?
  17. Amazing, you were just telling us, roni, how you recieve hit all the time. But you just showed up here and shared with us an empty news feed. Thats some great timing for you. To think right as you needed some ss's of an empty news feed you manage 3+ hours without getting hit.

    Yeah, you dont think very far ahead do you? And you got you time set on 24 hour military...

    Whats it feel like knowing that even in a game of anonymity your desperation drives you to spout such nonsense?

    There must of been some point in kaw where you just gave up on trying to respectfully earn the respect of your "anonymous"(lol) peers. Right?

    Phoney Roni, queen of bologna...
  18. Will someone go get the popcorn for me? Make sure it's a big bag, this might last a while. ;)
  19. no inc from twinky at all since my previous screenshots. Not my fault people are too wrapped up in the event to give inc. You twinky have been completley exposed and cant even win on any more of your insults to me. i hit you 2 full bars earlyier.A few hours later you come on forums yet sent no inc my way.Yet i was on a steal only bar so you could have easyily hit me.But you didnt.Point proven twinky is one of the weakest fighters in aztec.He talks big but doesnt even attempt to hit back [​IMG]