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  1. Aztec Empire

    The Empire of Destruction

    This is a Home to Warriors, Not any kind of Warriors but to those who show loyalty, endurance, strength, courage and pride. Our homes consist of three clans each born differently but all fit for battle and able to last in War. for those here war never changes.

    -The Family-

    AZTEC (Tenochtitlan):
    OG Clan of the Azteca Familia (EB visitor stat requirement 30M+ cs.)
    Home to War Azteca's, Built from the ground up by a group of close friends and iron-willed warriors, Their Will was tested as One of the Smallest Clans who stood strong in one of the biggest OSWs in KaW history (UC vs. ZAFT). Having Scraps here and there we gained many friends on our journey and recruited the finest warriors and befriended those who we fought. As an Aztec we do a Little bit of Everything here, EE, OSW, WC Roulette, and Everyones Favorite, EBs!!! As of October 17 Clan A HQ FAM formed an alliance with ༺Á̸PØĆ̸Ậ̸ŁұPSΞ༻, giving The Aztecas another strong alliance. (Contact AZ__azaloso__TEC for perm membership.)

    AZTEC ALLIANCE (Texcoco):
    Born as a sub clan during the time Aztecs began to first war and grow in numbers.
    Now standing strong as another home. Where our Family travels between Aztec and Aztec Alliance. Being Fortified they have began to recruit the finest warriors. as of now the only requirements are If you're gonna run in the face of battle, don't bother applying. (Contact azaloso for perm membership.)

    wAr-AZTEC-wAr (Tlacopan):
    Born solely for the purpose of having fun in EE, it has currently been deactived as EE wars arnt our priority and EE wars have died for those of us who arnt huge or ee freaks.

    These three Mighty Clans Form the Aztec Empire.


    Roses For the Fallen warriors the Aztec Reapers have Sacrificed, And to our fallen comrades.

  2. ●Still under work● [title=red+]Founders:[/title]

    [title=red+]DOOM( Founder )[/title]

    Oldest of Old OG Aztec Warrior, Founded this amazing family with Cartman, One of the best warriors ive met in my long journey with AZTEC and KaW. Might be difficult to find this one in cc but i promise you hes lurking somewhere in the aztec shadows! I first met this mysterious man when i was a baby aztec warrior. He was very intriguing, watching me carefully as i had joined during the times of war, against ZAFT. Soon after i earned my stripes i learn much more about this Warrior. He is wise and can endure through the biggest threat in a war... Time. He led us in a great osw and we came out happy and our family bond only got stronger. To this day he leads us into victory. Showing that he has all the values of leaders and more.

    [title=red+] CARTMAN( Founder )[/title]

    Another Great Warrior Cartman, Very mysterious to this day. I dont ever see him in cc but i bet he's lurking, Him and Doom are very alike except this one is very mysterious to me. Him and Doom founded this great family and are still here, the OG's dont plan on leaving anytime soon. As great warriors will always war those in there paths. Cartman is no exception he leads us to victory and he shows the true values of a leader.

    [title=red+]Aztec Hall of Fame[/title]
    • Cactusbread

      One of the best warriors in our Family, especially in the field of stripping! Known as the strip artist by some. This OG Azteca is wise and fears none, He will hit you back 10 times harder. Found with Tigrrr often this duo is dangerous!

      Long time leader of our brother clan Aztec Alliance he is a great warrior and an even greater arbitrator. With his wiseness and understanding he has diffused many situations and is a great warrior, friend, leader to all Aztecas.


      Azaloso, is a friendly man and a wise one, i remember meeting him when he was just a small guy like me. he lasted through a tough osw as us smalls didnt have many targets around our size but as all true warriors we take on the challenge head on and in the end we come out victorious!. He is the perfect pick to be the recruiter and with his knowledge and personality he'll surely make you want to join us!


      One of the most talkative members in AZTEC this foool, full of jazz keeps us entertained! for some reason the ladies all follow him and his long silky smooth hair. But hes just a bowl of baking soda i tell myself.... hmmm this must be something else!... thats white and powdery. This great warrior will outlast anyone else! he a great friend and hes one of the koolest peeps around.


      I personally havent met lag yet, but ive seen him around, hes been around a while and Hes stuck with AZTEC through the hard times. He is one of the Great Warriors from Aztec Alliance who came over to AZTEC. Hopefully we get to fight side by side sometime!


      A great AZTECA Warrior and a great man this aztec warrior lives for battle and is ready to take off heads left and right! and kill you slowly! like a growing heart attack! But if you hear his war cry (VEMANA!!!) you better start praying to the almighty Aztec Gods, you will fear the name mack.

      A guardian of aztec this mighty and wise warrior lurks around looking for his next prey! Friendly yet dangerous like many of us. Go by the alias "Noodles" after brutally murdering warriors with noodles.


      One of our greatest warriors this beautiful Azteca warrior of our many beautiful women is very experienced in the aspects of war and she is deadly! Kicked my booty left and right when we were on the opposite sides of the war. She joined aztec after she befriended aztec and she became part of family during our war with zaft. She's known as a great warrior by everyone in aztec and hereby award her with the beast medal. Cause she goes HAM. She is a friendly person but don't poke her or she will eat you alive!!


      The herb master kush is a great friend of mine and a great warrior of the aztec family. lately he's been residing in his cave researching a new formula.

      This pothead is tiggys eternal follower and bodyguard as he wanders around with his companion. He is a warrior who came to aztec as a small attack build looking to learn from the best this Warrior turned to a beast. and befriended all in aztec due to his friendlyness. he keeps cc alive and has respect from aztec.


      Mr dragon born an aztec warrior, Our war veteran having slayed many dragons took an arrow to the knee and lost his ability to run. It's ok for this Warrior though as he keeps on movin and runnin over enemies on his bear mount! He lives up to the name dragon born after being birthed by a dragon and his father the OG dragonborn. His favorite line, My foot and your Ass need to meet - Dragonborn. Passed down by his father this young warrior follows In his footsteps.

      Rrrrraptor! With claws longer than imaginable this fierce raptor we caught during our hunts has become a aztec warrior and loves to eat his enemies. Raptor is known for tearing those in his path and for lurking in his cave.... he has become our priest also! #raptorjesus but even though he's raptorjesus you never know when the raptor may strike!
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  4. V always leaves a rose for his victims. The reapers have taken a lot of your warriors
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  12. The sad part is the character Erupt is trying to impersonate actually gives roses to his victims
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