AWP Nubs

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  1. Just like yours with zaft
  2. Thats why you dont see me mentioning it
  3. Sorely disappointed this isn't a CSGO thread. Fuckin AWPs, it's not very fun to be 1 shot from across the map.

  4. Then use smokes!
  5. Almost 3 years later and i still have many fond memories of this osw. I met many great warriors from both sides.

    On page 5-8 i said that Aztec doesnt deserve to call themselves an osw clan, although that was true at the time after two, hardfought osw i no longer think that way

    During the first war they couldn't really put pressure on us even with help from outide clans even though we were also at war with insok army (basically a third of both blackhand and trangra alomg with some apoc and zaft members) and a few other clans. We could constantly get higher strip % with 1/8th the members and the war lasted 7 months ended (2 weeks) after i was kicked from awp.

    The second osw was against a completely different beast, we were consistently out grown, out stripped and overall outplayed without any help from clan A (outside silent resurgence) and we weren't in any other wars. Aztec lost 80-100 accts in the first war and less than 20 in the second, the osw solidified a merge they had only a few weeks prior.

    Despite still being outnumbered (6-1 this time) i can say that not many clans that size (at the time) could take what we dished out and even less would dishout as much back as they do

    Aztec now has a solid core, quality leadership with Vixen's calm collection perfectly balancing BigMacks slight hot-headedness (you know i love you Macky :* )

    Overall Aztec is not a clan to be taken lightly by any osw clan/family in kaw. Double their members and be a lot bigger than them and you still need to expect a war that might possibly never end .

    If AW0 had a full clan that shared the same bond as our little group did we would've went down as one of the greatest osw clans in kaw history.

    Sorry for the necrobump but i came across this and i had to share my appreciationfor one of the best osw i had ever been in and for the two clans that made it what it was
  6. hows your navy seals training

  7. Non-existent, still better than how your army of Meatshields are holding up.
  8. Looooool