AWP Nubs

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  1. well playing dead doesn't really cost anything. your clan is pretty much dead. we're not even in a osw were just beating on some scrubs who talk and don't hit back. but someone's pride is so far up his ass he can't admit defeat rather see the clan ruined
  2. Ice found pnz
  3. you do know what pnz means right? kinda hard to be pnz with over 40% spies. may have been dtw o idk cause i been hitting scrubs.. dumbass... and on top of that your name in no where on my nf in past 2 hours
  4. Funny because when I scouted you had 0 spies
  5. ^destroyer pnz (just saying) thnx for the remains by the way
  6. BUMP

    Just for the shame of Aztec 
  7. Check my wall out XD awp's finest right there lmfao
  8. I thought I was a perm farm 
  9. Bump for aztec
  10. [/quote]
  11. Bump. Awp still sucks like seriously.
  12. Please bash us with statless accounts. We love it. ;)
  13. get allies
  14. That statless alt is Bigmack....

  15. So? Bigmack Mac don't hit no one. As a matter of fact none of Aztec hit no one
  16. What happened to awp? Some reset. All changed builds. All ran. Some changed name. Scrap started up a new osw clan hahaha. A bunch of wannabees.
  17. Necrobumping by a statless alt :(

  19. There is Reggie stirring the pot up again,is awp wrecking you now that they have more time? ... And kylee how many times are you gonna ask for cf then troll? Guess when you're basically inactive that's the most fun you can have on kaw.
  20. Awp vs Aztec osw is irrelevant and burnt