AWP Nubs

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  1. So since AWP Is only good for trash talking and trying to derail my thread here's a thread for them to post there crappy trash talk thats been said by every member they have. :Lol:

    And facts for you guys at AWP.

    - I'm no runner. I left cause of certain reasons of my own. The EB called AWP didn't hit back so that just got me to move forward with em, the amount of Inc you guys gave me is not even over 100 pretty sure. Most inc I ever got was prob when y'all tried to terror strip me of 23bil and y'all got 1b. :)

    - Yall are inactive. Can't keep talking about how y'all broke two Aztec clans? Um yea two small ass clans that weren't even osw ready. Not even close. So call yourselfs whatever you want but osw warriors? Heck no.

    And no I'm not butthurt, awp is just trash and annoying. Like a little kid throwing a trantum. And they are worthless. AWP is nothing without BH we all see that. Especially since they all left to BH ha nubs.
  2. Today on "Desperate KaWives of New Jersey"
  3. I didn't derail your thread, I suggested aztec get their thread locked and made by someone who's not a war runner. Don't start your "I'm not a runner" crap, you left Aztec while they are in osw so that makes you a runner. Btw how are your 2 clans space wasteland and koios?

    This spammy thread of yours isn't needed and should also be locked.
  4. You did exactly what the thread was intended to do.
    I'd say its entirely necessary, and that I'll need more popcorn for this show.
  5. Crying while being a war runner. #Confused :roll:
  6. How many threads are there already about this? Another one was not necessary at all.
  7. I thought this was gonna be a cs thread
  8. The disappointment :(
  9. No its about how much I can talk trash and be inactive>.<
    No inc no war. Erup get over yourself lol. Feel free to vent here.
  10. Who even tries clearing a 23 bill strip?
  11. AWP :) lol too bad for them I was in there strip chat in line
  12. Awww its just getting fun. Only nub i see here is a runner
  14. Lmao
  15. Lol says the nub who just joined wheres the inc? Only inc is from slikk dead gaw nub.... Sad
  16. Why do people use the word nub?

    Like noob wasn't questioning your intellectual abilities already.
  17. I thought awp was a sniper :lol:

  18. Everything everyone does at times is questionable. So what? I don't know anyone with a robot of a life.
  19. This isnt counter strike :p