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  1. I’ve had an idea that the avatars, are replaced by an actual figure - you. Obviously this is not an actual picture of you, but something similar to what is on the title page when you start up KAW.

    At the beginning of the game when you start - you pick an avatar. With this idea, instead of picking a avatar, you can pick 1 of three characters, with similar attributes to the banners - spy, attack, hybrid. However, once you pick your character, you cannot change it unless you pay 20 nobility in the oracle.

    These three characters are upgradable, or ‘trainable’ just like the avatars. The way you train them is similar to the way you upgrade avatars - in the mage. Alternatively, there could be a new ‘training barracks’.

    Another feature of the characters is that once you have equipment, it is showcased on your character. This is a cool way of seeing what your equipment on an actual person, and this could lead to “equipment combinations” (different combinations of equipment and sets of equipment could have added bonus - discuss in different post)

    You can also have the option to pick a pro character, just like the pro packs we have now. Obviously, you pick male or female at the start when you pick your character

    Please give feedback :)
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    I would love a grymln
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    The amount of people who don't realize that your "banner" is actually called an "avatar" and that the real "banner" is your status message baffles me.
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    Fixed happy XD
  6. It's just going to cause far more problems than solutions

    This idea has been suggested many times

    If it's started the complaining begins

    Think about it like this

    3 choices and not one is female, all the women complain sexism

    3 choices and not one is a race, all the racists complain

    3 choices and not one is a trans who identifies as a normie, all the trans people complain

    Then you got people judging you based on what you picked, thinking your a female or not a female, or those race or that race and not one of the 40 new genders that don't exist in nature, and the art is so bad that it looks like something else and on and on

    You picked that one so therefore you must be (fill in the blank)

    But you already know all this
  7. Well I said that you chose whether you’re male or female, and off that choice there are three options, just like the avatars
  8. No. This is not Game of War. That is an even worse game gone to........... nm. I think many know.
  9. Lol, I'd love to see an avatar with all the equip on, given that there's so many vatiations, pretty sure it'll look close to a Gaia character gone wrong. 
  10. We do not need more PIMD features coming to KaW. No Support!!

  11. Sure, I don't mind. I'm not intimidated by unrealistic proportions of female to male or white to black. Its a fantasy game on the anonymous internet and if you want to be a white female in it, please be my guest. On the other hand, if for whatever reason you want to be a disabled obese ethnic minority transgender foxkin, that's fine by me too. Its a game and you have a right to pretend to be a female as much as you have a right to pretend to be a dumpster fire.
  12. Yeah I hear y'all but it's just not going to happen, to many people having an identity crisis
  13. I identify as an identity crisis and this offends me.
  14. We should all get human avatars but all our inventory should be displayed too. Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of crap items with just your eyes poking through.
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    And that’s why you sir are VK material bro