auto updated.

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  1. My apps auto update. What's your problem devs.
  2. dude grant i just saw u look at this post.. rip any support from devs
  3. Lol what up Drizzy?
  4. 
  5. As this is a high priority issue I locked the thread for the time being so it acts as an announcement.
    Defintiely around working with the team to figure this out though.

    Who needs sleep right?
  6. Maybe you should test your updates in a closed environment before putting them out to the community. Just saying
  7. we can still feel it up there..
  8. As someone who's been on both sides both in this app and elsewhere, the devs do test their apps in a closed environment. In both here and other companies, what happens in a sterilized / closed environment doesn't nearly mean that official launch of any update is going to be bug free. Things that work perfectly decide to break under stress or other reasons when pushed to live.
  9. The complete mess up during the Old Man Forest Event doesn't support your argument. It was simply a coding issue which would've been easily picked up if they did a reward payout scenario. Likewise the rampant levels of laziness with regards to typos, oversights and the like, in previous events further shows that they most likely don't QA/test it.
  10. nah dude, if someone random says the devs test it, they test it. you know how it is
  11. Levi, if you don't know who Corinthian is then you are worse than a random....
  12. @Captain_Watermelon, I'm not going to try to claim that ATA's QA is equal to a AAA company. In fact, it's probably far too small. When you take into account people multi-hatting, a lot more than it should likely slips through.

    Merely, I am going after your claim that absolutely no QA occurs before KaW releases updates, since I know at least in the past they did.
  13. We definitely do QA testing on content and game updates. Generally we're much better than we have been in the past, especially comparing to when I started almost 3 years ago. In this case the issue definitely doesn't affect everyone, and we're still trying to solve exactly what unique situation triggers it. But we'd rather be safe than sorry and not have people locked out of their accounts if they are affeced by the unlinking.
  14. so take the update down? not sure how that works but telling people not to update is not a viable solution
  15. So how was QA done on the previous event? Could you also be a bit more conscientious with your event forum posts. It gets real old, real quick when you don't even bother to change the "unique" description of event spells/boxes etc. I know the fact that you alluded to War Equipment rewards in the last event caused a lot of confusion, which as I understand was simply because you couldn't be bothered to go through your event post template and alter accordingly.
  16. @Levi, due to the app being hosted on storefronts not owned by ATA, a swift rollback is unlikely. An in-app hot-patch, on the other hand, is definitely possible, especially since I dimly recall there being updates to allow more background changes to occur without requiring a completely new update to be approved.
  17. It's not quite that easy. We're looking at ixing this server side if possible right now.
  18. Have you tried fixing it?