Auto Collect Legends Rewards

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  1. events used to payout at the end. Now I have to click a ton of buttons for each level. The decrease in functionality is annoying. Can we get a setting/option to make rewards auto collect?
  2. I understand that legends are a more polished version of events. For me though, I consider functionality and efficiency most important. Putting more menus in my way decreases functionality and increasesnmy annoyance with the game UI.
  3. Laziness
  4. No necessary, because as you complete Legends, you can see red circle icon on Legends to get reward yourself.

    Hey, it's just beginning. I'm good with Legends so far.
  5. That solution is exactly what I don't want. An option to have them added to inventory automatically is what I desire. Every update in this game makes me click through more unnecessary menus.
  6. How lazy are you? It's not like you complete a legend every minute. At absolute worst, it's 10 seconds every couple hours
  7. The forums will now die because there is nothing left to complain about.
  9. Post farming
  10. Post farming? I haven't posted since 2015.

    EDIT: Nice bait, you made me make a post.
  11. Support for PC accounts. That would imply to only login in phone once to deter legends, then rewards would be auto collected.
  12. Thats the way it works anyway you only have to activate the legend.
  13. lmao
  14. Only for the main event collection (serum). The side legends to collect the fangs/ears/etc. you have to collect the reward for each tier you reach before you're able to gather more.
  16. Wtf did i just read?
  17. Auto collect according to the dev team although sounding easy to implement is actually really difficult.
    If you are playing on pc you need to find a way to get your account on iOS or android basically. I would say for now continue to play on pc and use an emulator to login to collect rewards then go back to pc. That or if you have a phone simply use that and occasionally switch between accounts
  18. Auto collect is not the real issue in my opinion. Worse is that the next stage of legends for braids and ears won't start until the reward is collected. Fix that part and players will be happy
  19. people are actually complaining that pressing a few buttons to get free stuff is too much effort... wow :|
  20. You're that lazy? Just assassinate your self #ays