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  1. Wondering if and auto accept with limits would be possible. As there is not always admins on.

    Make it possible for admin to set a minimum stat for auto accept anyone below needs accepting by an admin.
    Also with a block for banned players.
    No matter if they change name if they have been in clan you can block them if needed.
  2. Blocking might be useful in some cases, even if they never been there.

    I don't like the auto accept idea
  3. Understats may apply and get in and they are a pain in the arse sometimes.Don't like the idea unless you set a so-called "filter" for applicants,like you require 200mcs to apply or something like that.
  4. Simple auto accept off and on button would work fine.
  5. I like this idea.
  6. This is kind of like the other thread that talked about having a code to get in the clan. You all need to come together on one thing or nothings going to get done. Can't have a thousand ways to access a clan easier it's just not in stuffin
  7. Devs didn't go for it back then

    Need to keep tweaking it until public support turns up
  8. Well this has less support than the previous one so it doesn't look like the tweakings working now does it
  9. People are still looking for ways to get away with sheer laziness on this game, eh? Somehow that doesn't surprise me
  10. All I'm saying is auto accept with filters and a block function. Yes the code idea has been mentioned but takes one person to give that code out to anyone big or small. Just ideas and thanks for responses so far
  11. Although a good idea on the surface it removes a human aspect in this interactive game. Automation is not necessary IMO

    Now something along the lines of a perm status as an automatic entry might be better. Clan loyalty is a good goal and if the devs could implement the advent of perms having special status that would be great.

    Is that a better solution?
  12. That's the kind of thing the game needs.
    Kind of a clan tag acceptance.
    To many clans lose member through inactive doors.
    Definitely for the devs to sort something
  13. Great idea imo :)
  14. In all seriousness though, this is completely unnecessary. If you're a half decent clan, you'll have admins in different time zones so that no one has to sit on the door for hours. There is absolutely no need to make a game, in which you just click buttons, less player-interactive.

    Side note - Generally, you can tell a lot about how a clan is run by how long you are sat on the door for. This pretty much tells you whether the clan is good enough for you to want to be at, if you've never been there before. This effect gets lost if auto-accept gets implemented.

    Let's just stick with not being lazy, eh