Attacking Ettiquete

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  1. if you get attacked that much then you need to build some defense.
  2. Im here to give you some props my friend. after all this game's name is kingdoms at war so if you cant get banned for attacking more than 5 times a day. then go for it. i know that many of you will be attacking me after you read this. but to just let you know your name shows up and i will be watching. so therefore, let no one tell you what you can or not do. the so called " 5 hits per day" rule is just a player rule not a game rule. and therefore, you decide will you let this people tell you what you can do or not do? because the key to being the Victor is who ever shows that they dont have fear. and after you hit 5 times and go off to hitting the next target you are less likely to be successful because
    • 1: you are already weak
    • 2: the player you attacked 5 times will be weak same as you so therefore, go forth and finish off you kill
    • 3: its just a game. you really cant get hurt from a guy in new york and you live in california because you farmed him ahhahhahahahah
  3. One problem...u cant b ATTACKED 40x in 10min! Unless u werent smart and wasted 2xtals
  4. **** YOU, YOU RUINED KAW!
  5. Nah the farming thing came a bit earlier but still I hate u thread maker
  6. Best of.

  7. Why did this achieve best of.
  8. bump to get rid of hsh spam
  9. You're absolutely pathetic. A hansel gets hit 10x more than the average player, and how much do hansels complain? Don't get me started on non-clan pure spies. :roll:
  10. BTW, you can't attack 40 times in 10 minutes even with full troops and a beastiary. Pathetic. :|
  11. Wow this thread is old...
  12. hmmm. i remember the mass farming...things where good then. pve fixed pwars for the most part, 'cept the wc spam.
  13. how about a guy keeps attacking you but through hiring your allies intentionally..since yesterday this guy was hiring my allies intentionally cause i got mad at him but i am not attacking him..i just told him not to hire my allies and he replied w/ "is ally a private property? i will hire whoever i want". you see this kind of manner especially when you see the other party was not that strong to compete or does'nt have enough Gold to bring back their ally is clearly some kind of selfish being,to think that i told him to stop and find someone else at the market...until now hes just waiting for me to buy new allies and then he will take it again from me...i cant play comfortably knowing that this guy is always waiting for me to have my new ally...can the moderators of this game do something about this guy?....please response...thank you and more power..Godbless!
  14. farm away
  15. This is a piece of history right here.... damn