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  1. Ok that sounds okay but make shure it's balanced! Cheers
  2. I think 2-3 times is ok... Anything more can cripple a lot of us. I like to play a lot and sometimes I just get raped by repeat atackers and I can't really play. 
  3. That would be great 
  4. As per,even though everyone is happy with fix,use spys for cash then immediatly dump in items if you are being raided that much.
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    I'm talking to you ZiggyK
  6.  Oldest thread in kaw.. I will continue my search to see if there's older! 

  7. I have been attacked 2000 in one week by new parrots. Psychoparrot was rly fast to anger and I have become his Moby Dick. He's all over me and tell all his parrot friends to go after me day and night, pinning me down. I had to go spy to have a chanse at all to do anything.

    IMO new parrots dont follow any code of honor.

    New patriots have been refered to as new parrots in this post.
  8. Well the going rate for attacks is no more than 5 attacks in 24 hours, which I think is more than fair, but this is done completely on the honor system and isn't fool proof. People will find a way to abuse the system, especially one that is based on the honor system like this one.

    If you can't find another person to attack in 24 hour period then you aren't trying and conceivably you are picking on or farming that individual.

    I have found that those who farm others are those who are significantly stronger than their target and it makes them think they can get away with it, especially those who hide under the guise of a spy build.

    Now this on it's own tends to suggest that there be some hard limits set within the game code itself, and this may be true, but I for one would hate to see hard limits enforced when it comes to war battles and in that case I don't think limits should be imposed, it is war afterall.

    Having said all this, I think there has to be some limits imposed, but I'm not sure how they should be implemented and still keep the game enjoyable for all, including the clans who are engaging in wars.

    I posted this primarily as food for thought and not to try and give a hard fast answer for this issue, so I hope it achieved it's goal and gave you something more to consider.
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  10. 5 is a good limit.....if you wanna go over that its no problem with me but after 5 you get the same treatment cept with more people hitting you until I feel happy or we stripped you.

    If you aren't ready for the consequences don't play the game don't try and change it because you don't like losing gold. I mean its bad enough this game has no real war system (for clan wars) but they nerfed spies and if they nerf attacks per day it will further ruin any appeal this game has.
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  12. Therian, spys got a boost, and WaR system has been pending apple approval for a few weeks...where's the nerf?
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  15. lol... oh how the game has changed...
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