Attacking Ettiquete

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  1. This is my opinion & I want to see if you support this idea DISCLAMER this is not what should be impleted by developer but amongst community of players. IMO I do not think anyone should attack the same person more than 5 times in one minute as I attack attack attack ip to 5 is reasonable and 15 per hour that seems okay given spawn rates. I try to implement this I still attack people 5 times buy try not to go overboard. I got attacked 40 times in 10 minutes by some guy... And I was thinking If I don't like that then I shouldn't do to others. Discuss your opinion on this the how many times per... You can say what u do
  2. 2 or 3 times IMO is reasonable. 5 times you can really damage some gold they may have gotten from an ally being sold unknown to them while afk then leave them alone for a couple of hours.
  3. I'm not an offensive player so I don't attack much what is the defensive cap?
  4. I personally Neva iniciate the atk but once someone atks me I come back hard....expecially this one guy who waits till I'm weak by scouting me a few tymes then atks....he's been following me fa a couple days now lol
  5. The reasons for an extended attack are simple. If most of the attacker's strength comes from spies, then he will not withstand a counterattack. So to compensate, he must leave the target unable to respond. Which means attacking or assassinating until the defender is "too weak".

    This is a particularly effective strategy against Large Reward targets. Which is why all the top players recently boosted their spy defenses.
  6. Bob I would agree with you if we were talking about strat to overall win but we are talking about ettiquette here ways to attack without properly making someone mad
  7. One exception. after weak status opponent wait 2 round of 5 min before they can attack. If u are able to achieve undying regen speed of over 2k per 5 min. Then..... Single guild or watch post is enough
  8. here's something to consider, war is h*ll. too often folks complain that game mechanics are flawed when in truth it's their strat that's the problem. take this new thief build for example, are we making a case too for capping assassination or thievery attempts at five? of course not. but when you see they have a zero defensive bonus and pummel them a dozen times for it all we hear is tiny violins. the joke is that you track down that victimized kingdom the following day and they haven't changed a thing, no new allies or defensive structures, just the same vulnerabilities and of course more whining. it's a marathon of a game, not a sprint. kingdoms will expose your weaknesses and exploit them. those who adapt will prevail, those who choose not to will receive no quarter. this is war after all.
  9. Wow that was such a good cooment that is true but do u think u should attack for three days straight 100 times a day or is war really he'll
  10. im so tired of hearing this "attack ettiquette" thing. we are all competing against eachother and im going to do EVERYTHING I CAN to beat u. and the best way of making cash is yes, focused attack
  11. How are u tired of it? It's just respect but you are entilted to an opinion so that's okay but I could just keep attacking you so your soldiers do not have time to respawn & it's very frustatinh I would imagine
  12. Well that's the problem in the game titain if I had starte the game when you did I would be as powerful or more then you and since it's my 3 day playing this game I I'm doing alright
  13. i leave ppl in peace. I attack maybe 3x and move on unless im retaliated upon inceasingly then it's game on. although ir's a good notion, beat thing to do ia talk to the person doing the offending to you, most of the time they'll move on.
  14. I feel 3 times max. I dont attack more than 2 times
  15. The evolution of this game is mirroring the progress of societies. 1. We still have uncivilized behaviors within civilized societies but each faction perceives their method as optimal. 2. Society as a whole flourishes best with cooperation but fast advances come from the crucible of competition. 3. When in doubt just treat others as you want to be treated...unless "the voices" tell you otherwise.
  16. There is game machanic on newbie protection. Trust me on this I only rarely attack low level to stop them doing 10 theif quest on me straight. Try it... Hit someone really weak and find out how the game guards new players
  17. As to the targets the Raven picked. If they only get hit 100 times in a day. They will be sooooooo happy.

    I do more than attacks :)
  18. One point on attacking someone constantly. If the only ways to make money is quests and trading allies, quests require soldiers and allies require gold. How can you improve at all. You wouldnt have any troops to quest or gold to buy and sell. Youd be stuck cuz some ass attacks you constantly just because he can beat you. You wouldnt want to be that guy. Not cool
  19. It is so easy when on the winning end of things to come up with seemingly valid reasons, but ultimatly those on the winning end and no concerns for others will hurt too. You'll hurt when no one to fight. So those that are being abused, and those that can abbuse and don't.. I'm looking at u shadow Titan :) lose through no fault of their own, either knocked down constantly, or no1 to fight, causecof the victims leaving in droves, in victims shoes would u keep playn if no chance? No you wouldn't.I'm not talking about cry babies that just cry cause a little difficult, those can just quit the game as far as I'm concerned, I'm talking about the many of us that do EVERYTHING possible to get stronger, have any idea that it is imposible for us that are excessivly attacked to evn raise 1500000 to expand and get stronger. It's not close to imposible, it is imposible!, I watch my quest like a hawk, I quest when I get most money, I don't let my quests get maxed and waste precious $ earning attempts, yet for every 500000 I earn, I loose 800000 or more, no chance to strenghten ourselves, game blows now, to many losers a no consence- just me winning, me winning
  20. Hey guys, just wanted to let you know we are working on a solution to gold losses if you are being farmed. Basically the victim will lose much less gold and the amount they lose will go down as their army size goes down.