Attack builds are dead

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Sully, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. Anyone can war with any build I war being a pure spy and make 0 but I help.
  2. They are stale like an old ashtray
  3. I think builds are evolutionary. This account has been pure spy and pure attk thoughout my time. The changes came at a cost but i enjoyed the growing process and don't regret it. If you're not happy with your build, use the tokens we get for free and start altering it. Smezz was nice enough to offer the pros and cons of each build, i suggest taking the advice, or at least consider his views and then proceed with altering via tokens and experiment yourself for what works best. I can say it's easier now than ever to change builds and i'd really reccommend an alt or 2 to enjoy various types of builds. I'm very keen on hansels personally, but it fits my gameplay better. Your needs many be different. Enjoy the game man, and always tweak your build so that it works for you.
  4. Rip attack builds. We were awesome.... like 4 years ago. I remember s1 and s2 we would only include maximum 2 hansels and 10 attack builds in a 20 person roster. Cuz hansels were leaky
  5. Sast424 is a sitting duck?
  6. Make wars better on mobile devices instead of computers.

    I feel like that would let people war more, at least a bit personally.

    Also shorter (like 15/30) minute wars because who has an hour tbh.

    Something like a random MM that matches equal builds and people to form teams, 3-15 people.

    It's a decent idea to even stuff out more instead of set war times (though I suppose we could keep that)
  7. Yeh. Everyone hated hansels and loved GH / SH / SSH.

    Attack buildings still make a lot in lower lands (abyss / HF, from what I see) so it's a good option to switch those.

    Otherwise, spies are amazing.

    Something like a towered spy heavy hybrid works well because you can hit spy builds and hit attack builds pretty decently