Attack builds are dead

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Sully, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. Is that the only rebuttal you can come up with Sully when people disagree with you? "U not smert lurn 2 red" cause that's pretty weak, I read the OP it consisted of you complaining about a plunder gap that has always existed cause you don't make enough per EB,how it's difficult for your build type to find EE cause no one wants that build on their roster (because another build as we already established makes more, more plunder wins the wars) crying how you gotta pick between EB or osw targets (btw real osw isn't about staying ahead in plunder or equipment, it is about clans taking what resources they have at that moment, going toe to toe and seeing who comes out on top) as if that were some real question or concern.
  2. I too do not get the EE portion of the post.

    The plunder differential has been there for ages. Countless have alrd complained about it. It's not any "new development" per se.
  3. It's the only rebuttal I need when you are not actually replying to the points that are made in the original post.

    You read wrong again. This is about recent developments. There has always been a minimal plunder difference. It has grown exponentially with the new lands and buildings.

    You missed the boat on EE as well. No one wants my build in their season wars? In indi? In LL wars? One doesn't exist, one they don't have a choice as anyone can war and one is just your lowlands. Think it through smart guy. Weird how so many others on the thread understood yet you didn't.

    I really don't have to emphasize how you missed the point on the osw part of it because your size makes that abundantly clear. Since you haven't figured it out yourself, even with your build, have fun being an "osw threat" to anyone that's only played for a couple months. Because after that, just like 99% of kaw, they will be bigger than you with better equipment and you'll be even more useless. It's cute really, what you think osw is hasn't been that since around 2012.
  4. Lmfao literally rekt
  5. Well they do
  6. I agree that something needs to be done , I actually lose plunder if i hit ebs with spys , where as other builds fill their boots , you only have to look at accounts in LB in events , enough said , Everything is supposed to be equal,but im not dead either lmao
  7. Erm, I am lvl 5 EE and all I war in indi wars! I’m a towerless tank in attack at least. I plunder 6/7 bil from start only due to the heavy incoming I get but when I xtal I make between 16/18 bil. I keep spy towers high with a decent bfa leaning that way and I seem to come out ok in wars.
  8. I'm not complaining about eb plunder on ebs or issues with ee. One thing I don't like is hansels being dtw to attacks from attack builds when the Hansel has gold out, is sz, and with troops up.

    Makes it kinda difficult for a big atk build to skim atks when Hansel target is being stripped. What similar advantage does an attack build have when stripped? Shouldn't there be more balance between build types? Does the plunder an atk build makes vs hansels even the playing field in your opinion?

    Most atk builds should go hybrid imo.
  9. When it’s been a good long while since a trip to forums, other than to roast kasama , it’s refreshing to see that the EE warriors are still sooking up hard. I mean damn your 1st world problems .... but seriously.... go get a job where you can’t live on your phone all day losers
  10. Lmao says you
  11. 110% support
  12. Any reason for tank plunder to be anywhere near a hansel's is dumb. That is all
  14. All builds have advantages ee std tanks will win easily hansels can plunder ebs big time. They will do bad against big tank with sdt great for farming.ps2 can plunder well too but will not do well against towered tank, tank not good for plunder but hansel an ps will do bad against sdt tank, I've been all builds tank most fun. Depends on wot you want! Just pick your build an have fun.
  15. I agree tanks should increase plunder. I'm on a build changes at the moment. I am changing 3 older set of lands to spy build and see if my plunder drops slow down. If anyone already change lowland, highland and frost land into spy buildings. Please let me know if there is a significant difference on plunder drops thanks.
  16. Saw this coming 18months ago been asking for a change your build day but not gonna happen
  17. The devs made it clear that they would be introducing a change your build option sometime in the next few weeks.
  18. My suggestion for all is to play at ur own speed. Doesn't really matter of
  19. Sully an excellent post. There is a bunch of us who have commented in similar ways. The game has changed and that’s the bottom line sadly