ATA's official response regarding "hacking"

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  1. We've recently experienced a few cases in players reporting getting their accounts "hacked".

    ATA's official statement on hacked accounts:

    "Our game's login system is very secure. No one can hack into anyone's accounts. Login details are never published anywhere, nor are account's passwords known to anyone but the owner. Even our staff don't know our players' passwords. Unfortunately in every case we've encountered the "hacked" account was due to account sharing or selling. We work very hard to ensure the safety of our players' accounts. However, if a player chooses to disclose login details to other players, we cannot guarantee the security of their account."

    We are confident in our system's security as ATA does not store any passwords nor do we have access to them. The only way for someone to access your account is by knowing your ATA ID password, or by getting a hold of your physical device, Facebook account, or your email account itself. If you're concerned for your account's security you/we can do the following:

    1) Contact us and we can change your ATA ID email address and/or detach your Facebook. We will have to verify your ownership of the account first;

    2) Reset your ATA ID password by following this link:

    3) Reset your Email and/or your Facebook password;

    4) Do not trust any links or information that is being spread through unofficial third party channels and applications.

    We would like to reiterate the final point. DO NOT, under any circumstances, click on any links you have received in third party channels. DO NOT share any of your login info or details. If you have received a password reset link on your email when you never requested one, IMMEDIATELY contact our support for assistance.

    ATA cannot be held responsible and will no longer be compensating for lost items/accounts in any such cases.

    Thank you for understanding and take care.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.