ataBruce vs. ataCharlie

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  1. Direct from ata company web page:

    “company sponsored dodgeball teams”.

    In view of the recent “dime dropping” by ataBruce - Place your bets!!!

    ataBruce’s team ( 3)

    ataCharlie’s team (-3)

    Time for these ape’s to put up or shut up. If the community bets correctly then ata should put up one xtal each week for the community!!

    Let’s encourage this “friendly” weekly workplace promotion. (Ringers encouraged but must be placed on payroll!)

    Please place bets by 11:59pm New Year’s Eve pacific time.

    Simply state your “bet” and see if ata will step up.
  2. My bet is they're dead exhausted after the 1st inning (seriously gasping for breath and puking) ...then they decide to go drink some crappy canadian beer instead 
  3. Nah they both definitely soy boys
  4. They both suck
  5. They some haters.. I would never place money on them
  6. It's not a real match unless it's broadcasted on The Ocho dammit
  7. All kaw accounts are 1 person.
  8. Ata Charlie will win ! Or self Ko
  9. Apparently ATA are holding S7 in there head office
  10. No doubt in my mind the entire office are wheezing asthmatic gluten intolerant try to grow beards but can't fat asses 
  11. Agree with the above. They don't have the energy to reply to any complaints let alone play dodgeball.
  12. Rock paper skizzors soot