ATA should sell "Admin Pak"

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  1. Have you tried being admin in an active clan? The ways of checking for those who aren’t active are very tedious. After years of doing it. It gets boring and annoying. Clans have been out for years now, so I think they need an update.
  2. Id also add, making admin features more efficient is not taking away from admin responsibilities, admins still have their responsibilities, it just helps make clans better all together. Ex: Just like in accounting, used to use hand written general ledgers and all, now we have software, dont mean accountants no longer have jobs but the software enhances the accountants jobs and makes less room for mistakes and issues! :)
  3. It’s the little things that help the most! :)
  4. I think there should also be a cancel mith like to cancel hiding allies or colored names, an att/spy boost
  5. Please keep on topic, thank you 
  6. All great Ideas! But why pay for something that is free? I recently found this cool new clan management tool on the dark web!!!! It’s called Excel. Has anyone else ever heard of this cool program?
  7. I think that clan owners should start clan dictatorships and remove all admins power and then kick all members thus eliminating the need for the admin pack
  8. I’ve heard rumors about it. Is it like Google Sheets?

  9. The games called Tribal Wars, still on going
  10. In all honesty I’m unsure of Eastern wizards first point 1,the rest that’s actually what admin are meant to do anyway and why Admin rooms are created,if admin is getting that bad ,pick better admin
  11. Yes, I’m aware of the games name. Just not sure if we are allowed to name it...

  12. "Support."
  13. Awesome idea, could really help clans keep track without hours spent doing spreadsheets.