ATA should sell "Admin Pak"

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  1. ATA should develop and sell an "Admin Spell" which would do the following:
    (1) provide sortable stats by each category for clan members (attack, defense, spy attack, spy defense, total cs)
    (2) show last date active for each clan member
    (3) show role history for each clan member for last 10 roles on clan with date
    (4) review details of EBs in last 24 hours including who has dropped premium items
    (5) provide acceptance
  2. It wouldn't even be too difficult, practically speaking. The company interests however are misaligned with what would make the game more useful or intuitive.

    Their interests originate in profit, and so we will disappointingly never get to see much needed features like these introduced. It's a stellar idea though and should be implemented, full support!

    You never know! Good thoughts!
  3. Full support
  4. Support! Great idea Op! ;)
  5. It cut off the bottom of my suggestion list so here are the rest of them:

    (5) show a list of who was accepted, rejected, and kicked AND BY WHICH ADMIN for past 24 hours

    (6) provide a list of the last ten clans a member has been in

    ROI: If ATA implements this as a spell that runs out and must be recast, it will be a nice new source of recurring revenue. For Clan Owners, it will be invaluable.
  6. Re: ATA should sell "Admin Spell"

    If peeps have other ideas for it to do that would be helpful, please comment!
  7. I remember playing another online game about 10 years ago. Next to the members names was:

    Green Dot - Active in the past 24 hours.
    Yellow Dot - Active in the past week.
    Red Dot - Active over a week ago.

    It worked pretty well and helped keep them groups running more smooth and officiant.

    They also had “Holiday Mode” which was a week or two absence, but was notified or was able to give the account to another player during that period. But the controls were limited to the sitter.
  8. So, essentially you want to take the work that’s associated with admin role and tie it all into one spell? No support, admins are supposed to work for their role. Don’t want to do the work, don’t be an admin.
  9. Lol! You probably still pine you the old days before EBs were created... “If you don’t want to get down and dirty fighting actual humans, don’t play war games.”

    Are you still sore about the loss of the mandatory 15 minute wait between EBs since they introduced Seerstone?
  10. Is that all you do? Moan?
  11. What does that have to do with Admin responsibilities? Answer: it doesn’t have anything to do with them. I reiterate my OP of no support.
  12. I like this idea. Literally for admins it could be as easy as going to

    - Clan
    - Manage
    - Admin Logs
    - Applications (see accepted/kicked/rejected)
    - Epic Battle Logs (total actions/items used)
  13. It demonstrates that you are change resistant, even to a simple concept that would improve the efficiency of clan administration. Some of these functions are not available currently, and there are no manual workarounds. For example, you can’t tell which admin accepted/rejected/kicked, and you can’t really tell what clan an applicant last belonged to. Now, I know there are those who exploit these features for fun and profit, but I don’t think that’s a good reason to not provide them. Also, the other features are currently being done manually by admins; it is kind of silly considering it is something easily automated which would allow admins to concentrate more on strategy and actually play the game rather than slaving away over spreadsheets.
  14. I just offered why I don’t support this as admin responsibilities shouldn’t be taken away with the casting of a spell. Granted, there is nothing in regards to which admin kicked/accepted/rejected, but do we really need that? I mean, if they implement it, I guess it is what it is.

    I didn’t expect a personal attack right off the bat. You know, people are free to have an opposing view and it’s not considered “moaning”, so I’ll leave it at that. If you don’t care for opposing views, don’t post in forums. It’s simple really.
  15. If you don’t support the idea, don’t say anything? Let those who are in favour help tweak it so it works.
  16. I am definitely for any clan enhancements, and these different ideas would definitely benefit clan owners and help all run more efficient. I particularly have mentioned as well as others have showing the admin that accepted/rejected applicants.

    Im not sure if I would like the fact you would have to pay for this packet of features, and would also like to know if paying for the features would only clan owner be able to get the packet or would war chiefs as well, and who all would be able to see this information once packet purchased?

    Aradus this would be a really helpful feature and seems it could be easily implemented, as here in forums they use colored dot to show someone is on kaw now!
  17. Revenue implementation:

    Have clan owners provide an opt-in for admins, the opt-in is a recurring monthly fee. (Can be paid in nobs, and can be billed to the admin, with a default rollover to the owner role)

    The owner *enables* admins to turn the feature on in clan permissions.
  18. “If you don’t support the idea, don’t say anything?” Sorry, this isn’t a dictatorship and opposing views can be had. The forums are not just for support. They are also to get other sorts of feedback as well. Why are players not allowed to voice opposing views or opinions?

    My view is that admin roles have responsibilities. Most of these ideas intertwined in one spell are taking away from the actual work associated with the responsibility of admins.
  19. Belladonna only disagree's with everyone's ideas to try make herself look cool & appear edgey and aloof. Not every admin has time to round up every minor detail.They do have a life outside the game also with family,work and household jobs. So any new additions to help give back more time to them and make life on kaw easyier for being a admin is a plus.