ATA please add these simple conveniences for trading:)

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  1. Nothing crazy or mind blowing. But, it would be really nice to be able to sort by “quantity” in our showcase. Since the screen resets to top after every item you select and add to the trade, it can make for a lot of scrolling and searching for just the right stacks.

    Also, I’m sure it’s been asked before but, amend the calculator to be included as a running total while trading. I’m sure many who trade often can relate to using an alt to check totals and declining transactions (which in turn adds a lot of data for chat history) or quickly scrambling to decline a trade in progress if you over or under shoot an agreed total. This is especially hindering if you are on the return offer with a player you
    don’t know.

    Thank you for the consideration! Or even considering a consideration🤓
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  2. Wait, y'all don't count in your head as you go along?
  3. yeet
  4. We could call it the KaWculator