ATA milking players! ATA answers this...

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  1. I'm curious what the ratio of Whiners to Spend No Money People is.

    My guess is 1:1.
  2. You guys are missing a key reason why they would release new lands. If someone who is build complete has no lands to aim for, they have less reason to try hard in the game. There goes their biggest spenders. Games die because the goal is met and people get bored. I give ATA a lot of credit for staying alive this long.
  3. The shame is that the new event model is the best yet. Its good. However adding more growth tiers distracts us from the pvp and pve event positives...and towards frustration at elwhat we dont need, and what few can ever achieve. Talk about shooting urself in the foot devs. Get rid of new tiers before the damage is irreversible.
  4. I disagree. We all got on the leaderboard in the new event tool. Its great. I accept pay to win will get in the top 100-1000...but we could all track our progress live. Kudos devs.

    I might not support the new tiers, but ya gotta give credit where its due.
  5. Yep...the game lasted longer than most. However, as others have pointed out, the devs actions over a long time have turned some 'payers' into freeloaders with a passion against the devs.

    I also agree that the game needs free and paying players. Paying high tappers alone would not make for a very sociable game.

    I dont believe the devs have explained why we need new tiers. Enough playere have a negative perception. I perwonally do not understand the logic of 'seemingly ' placate the pointy end (1% or less build complete players) with new the expense of the rest?

    Obviously the 1% is a guess...but the perception is what players make their decisions based on. Interestingly enough, peoples expectations rise every day. Whiners will always whine. But devs need to recognise when the whining becones a chorus, and deal with it.
  6. AtA is just catering to the big spenders & the cheaters. I firmly believe 100% that they know of LB cheaters but do nothing because the spend so much money. AtA won't come out about it but the mods will silence you for talking about it.