ATA milking players! ATA answers this...

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  1. Welcome to online gaming
  2. 90% of statistical analysis are fake and made up.
  3. you know to much and are now a liability. Trust no one. Especially an ape that owns a yacht... Or was that a yak?
    Just to be safe, dont trust either.
  4. I'm sorry, could you repeat that? I couldn't see through all the butthurt.
  5. Ummm... How does adding tier 7 or somthing affect newer players other than being discouraged from getting to the top fast? Remember, EVERY player requires the SAME amount of gold for each tier of buildings. All of these people build complete also worked for it, (or spent tons of money.) So what if it takes more gold to become build complete? The new and old players will need to spend the same amount of gold to buy the new tier, this is not favorisom or whatever, also, the new update made is easier/faster for new players to pass the lower levels. (Not going to bother adding some kind of cool ending sentence, bye.)
  6. Stop with the whining. If you don't support the new upgrades, don't get them. Simple.
  7. I can elaborate further.

    It's not just the release of the tier 7 update. It's a combination of practices that have fermented the emotions you see.

    There is a sentiment that big spender are aloud to do what some would call, cheat. We all know the stories. I won't go any further on this point. Just that the feeling is there.

    The above suspected bias along with the new beta VIP program being implemented, it easy to see how gamers feel slighted by ATA. They are told not to broke the rules or face punishment, but spenders don't have to follow the same rules. With a new reward. VIP status. While others are ignored and put on the back burner.

    When you add those two issues with the release of new tier 7 building at a enormous cost it is unbearable for some.

    You see, we all may not contribute financially to the ATA coffers. Directly. Indirectly is something else entirely. With out the noobs, with out the free to play players, there is no KaW. The CC's stop rolling. WC dies. The wars no longer mean what the have in the past. The entertainment is gone. The forums fade.

    You are left with the lurkers tapping away in silence. Too self-conscious to speak aloud. Afraid they will look stupid, exposed.

    Well, you won't have nothing to worry about when there is no more noobs left. The noobs are the life blood of KaW. We made you.

    Concessions need to be made.
  9. Support is expected. The same way the leaderboard got support when ATA dripped their plunder. Thank you. The new EE season is a start.
  10. Kaw really needs an event that isn't pay to win for once, why can't they just do that, any event that is similar to collecting skulls, hte always pas the best, and u need to at least use 24xrtals a day just to have a chance to get on the leaderboard
  11. Even the Supreme Court couldn't figure this one out. There's rumors Clorox is involved in the case
  12. What is this talk of VIP reward?
  13. dont talk about or this gets a graveyard too
  14. The thing is those people ago can get new lands have been playing for years.

    You're just a greedy person demanding to be given something the oldies in kaw has been waiting for
  15. "New" ...? The beta was not new, it was a year old and was scrapped as said by kaw_community. They issued a public beta in the last few months and allowed sign-ups before choosing select people -do those beta testers count as VIP because they were chosen throughout kaw for testing...?
    So let's not be saying untruths eh
  16. All we need is a Shark EB
  17. They count as vip because it was called as vip and anyone who read the email seen they were trying to give big spenders preferential treatment. It's New in the sense that it newly came to light no matter how hard kaw tried to stop that happening yesterday. Let's not be a ata lapdog, eh?
  19. This word has been wacked in my face before but I can't believe no one (or few, or one) think of this....
    This is a WAR game
    (This is my first time saying these things but...)

    Got bored of big spenders usually in the top? Fight. Farm. War.

    Why don't you look at the other aspect of the game? Yes, lb players are treated well, always pin you, hte spenders had more gold, when you have complete the lands it gets boring, but try to imagine if you add the war aspect.... Did others think of it as well?........ Just reminding.......

    And back to the main topic....
    If you want to be big or complete lands... Paying isn't always the solution....
    It's just up to you if you will do the same, fight for it, ignore it, or prove that you can be like them without paying anything..
    Yes it takes time and too long time makes it boring... But this is a social game remember? What's boring if you pin your friend and your friend do the same in a friendly way?....
    Just saying...

  20. They still gave them an ability to voice their opinion on the direction of the game

    In that year, we have seen new lands, new ebs, new tiers for those lands, and events that are fueled off of HTE and 59 nob PVP spells.

    The only help to the little guys was the Low Lands being free, but that was off mine and many other players protest.

    Also the recent Plunder boost has not helped to make this game worth it for New or mid build players who can not afford HTE.

    So yeah, I think that VIP and it's link paved the way to the issue we currently have.

    Also: Gotta love having an Alt. ;)