ATA milking players! ATA answers this...

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  1. So op basically what your saying is all the loyal players who have kept this game alive from day 1 no longer deserve to keep being able to grow and enjoy this game because its going to be virtually impossible for new players to catch them? Now they are all build complete after spending lots of time hard work and money they should just quit out of bordem with no more goals to achieve? Just because ata have a duty to cater to new players they also have a duty to cater to their older veteran players
  2. I am one of the old players, and my old friends back from 2009/2010 not many left in kaw

    All got bored, I kept playing meet new friends, also quit kaw,

    Problem now is kaw is not refilling new players
    Check allie market its only alts and bombs who are mostly new accounts
  3. All they do is cater to you.

    Here's the thing.

    If they keep raising the bar, then the game will die because 90% of the player base will quit.

    There are other things the top GAP players can do. Such as Events, or EE, or OSW.

    Slapping EB's and growing isn't the only thing to do in the game.

    But sadly, because of this expanded builds, it effects the other elements in the game and it will kill KAW's player base.
  4. New upgrades stop older players from leaving out of boredom it gives them new goals to achieve and a reason to keep playing yeah there is new players needed and in all honesty ata have made moves to attract new players. The gap is massive but that dosent mean older players should be foeced to quit out of boredom just so new players feel like they have a chance to close the gap. Its no secret this game costs money to get ahead but ata is a buisness and no buisness ignores its loyal customers in order to gain new customers
  5. i just spent $900 on a new arcade game machine for my man cave (junior donkey kong) instead of spending $1200 to become bc..all these accounts are owned by ata and not players..invest in something that will grow in value
  6. A game can't just live on old players

    Everyone knows if that happens the product ( games or program) are in its ending lifecycle
  7. Most players will never be build complete. That's just the way that it is. Unless you're willing to max crystal on a daily basis of course.

    I don't think that a new player could be build complete even if they max crystal on a daily basis. There will always be a new tier or land set ahead of them.
  8. Yes exactly it's none who wants spend day in day out xstal 24xstals to get 67T to fully upgrade. That gap is to big!
  9. Oh really so now instead of 100,000 gold a hit they will get 200,000? Because considering you can't get an ally until like 20b people will never ever grow. Guys I love this game, but the failed attempts are making me rage. Honestly you guys value money over a good game.
  10. It's always about the gold. W/o gold you are going no where but to chat, forums or wall post.
    Is that fun for you?

    With gold,

    Funds of course....
    Stripps and upgrades.

  11. Sorry, as an "older player", I completely disagree with this logic.

    Continuously adding buildings doesn't entertain the LB or "bigger players". They have the gold. They spend it, they upgrade, they continue. If they didn't, they would build their BFA to ungodly heights. Either way, it's a goal and they're still in that very large gap between "small, middle, HUGE". Those that spent thousands upon thousands of dollars won't leave just because they don't come out with monthly new builds.

    They WILL, however, leave if the game gets so ridiculously impossible to catch up in that it's no longer even a game. Complete boredom. I don't even log on anymore. Maybe once a week. What's the point? I'm not interested in growing, I don't want to spend 4 hours of my life to war (used to give a solid 48 hours straight back in the day). It's lost its luster.

    The game completely caters to the UPPER END accounts, and now the newer accounts with all of these advantages we never got as new players. The middle player is useless. I'm a middle player (not even middle anymore, really), and I've been playing for 5 years. Don't tell me it's not about money. It's 100% about money, or I'd be a big player due to time spent and the high spenders would just be people using the funds to reach their goals faster.

    Actual CC conversation, first one in a week:
    "What'd I miss?"
    "new building upgrades out for abyss lands Jayde"
    "More money for ATA! So nothing new really then?"
    "lol jayde, nothing really new is true"

    But hey, they're a business. They always have been. It must work, or they would slow their roll on all of these releases. I don't fault ATA for trying to make money. I definitely don't fault all of the old school players who have left due to outright boredom (which again has nothing to do with building/upgrade releases). But call a spade a spade. A very rich spade. Probably driving BMWs with the top down.

    KaW is a different game. It happens. I wish everyone luck who still plays.
  12. Don't forget, xtal price in high coast level.

    New player havn't really a change to come up, then epics stuff (equipment, aqua, inferno ...) drops very bad.

    I see new player most playing till Highland (12), the they leave and this with mabye two times buying in Marketplace.

    im not woundering, that KaW in game-ranging on place 125 with the way in future to down.

    I think ATA need a new strategy or worker from ATA in futurer without a job.
  13. New players arent going to stick around when they realized after a month of grinding they are still only a little account that successful clans wont accept.

    But that also leads back to the mind set that new players think they are entitled to catch up to the stats of someone who has been playing for years. Thats a ridiculous thing to believe, but its understandable. Who wants to invest some much time in a game that you cant work your way up to become the best.

    Imo, the best thing that can hapoen for this game is to just go ahead and start players with enough gold to buy 5mil cs as soon as they start.

    New players would all of a sudden have options!

    They immediately get to start with a real beginners level specific build.

    A whole variety of ebs become available for them choose from.

    As of now, when you first start playing kaw, you arent really playing at all.

    I could go on but im tired of typing. So ill just leave it at that..
  14. We can all see WC slowing down, I still think there is a lot of life left though. I was ranked 25,000 in the last event. That was like 2 Ebs one day. That's plenty of people to get money from still.

    They will probably be relieved when it's all over. Retire to some secluded community with 3 or 4 women. Different colored cars with matching outfits. Gold plated smart phones, jets and yachts. Did I mention the 3 or 4 different women yet?

  15. Yes you forgot one thing

    I had 6 alts in that event, and I know most of my friends used several alts as well

    So it's not that much unique players
  16. We all started out grinding and grinding and grinding to be big enough for successful clans since the beginning of KAW people play to be as big as others. Strive to be lb and to just get bigger yes there's more to do now but we all had to grind for many months to be sizable accounts
  17. New players still would.

    When many of us started the biggest player were 14-20 mill cs.

    Are you saying new players should have to spend 2 years just to bc hl's? Thats ludicrous.

    It should take a new play the same amount of time to reach bc as it did compared to how long i did for you based on what bc was when you started.
  18. I want T8 to come out in a month
  19. Devs gonna remove this thread... or lame mod gonna lock this...

    Now its time to move on. Finally
  20. Maybe ATA is getting paid by kleenex to do this so kleenex sells more tissues...this conspiracy goes all the way to the top...