ATA milking players! ATA answers this...

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  1. Seriously

    Another upgrade to tier7, ATA only milking cash on a game not getting new blood ( players )

    It's impossible for new players get to new lands.

    ATA probably will close this thread

    But I honest want ATA managers come here and explain why they only milking kaw players that still play this game.

    More and more quit kaw

    And ATA only do upgrades and events for high spenders.

    Don't ATA understand this game need loads of middle spenders and even more low spenders to survive aka new players!

    Can ATA be so kind come out and explain the future of kaw because we players sees this game is the end of its lifecycle!

  2. im having fun
    i dont spend
    join the club
  3. As they've said, bc people are players as well. They have to put things out for them also.

    We all knew lvl 4 and 5 would come. I'm sure many didn't think it'd take this long for the upgrades to come out. So, I don't see the big deal.

    You knew it was coming. Stop complaining about it.
  4. Of course ATA will lock they don't dare talk about this open!

    We all know what happens when truth of kaw speaks out Loud
  5. You dont have to grow. But look at the amount of build complete accounts in kaw. They have to upgrade too. 900b is a lot but im sure stats equal price.
  6. U say it's impossible for new ppl to get lands. For new ppl to get lands it's very easy because the lands are much less and ata just increased payout of smaller Ebs for the new players making growing and lands easier to get
  7. This move is downfall of game... I can see end for kaw lol
  8. I made a new account before I quit to test a few things

    And I gotta say this game has a hell of a spending curve for new players.
  9. I'm sure ata managers will get to this thread right away.
  10. New players are definitely important which is why we've recently updated our App Store presence (Screenshots, Icon, Loading Screen) for better visual appeal, launched a Beginners Package to get them a jump start in the game, and AS OF TODAY increased plunder from earlier EB's to help players progress.
  11. They're only milking if you dumbasses are stupid enough to keep giving these morons money
  12. If ata locks this thread its because you are a whiny *****..

    Kleneex is probably Making a killing off all you cry babies.
  13. You whine waaaaaaaaaaaaay to much.
    Have some patience and enjoy the game.
    It's about being social while you level up.
    The increase in power is a bonus to the friends you make.
    That and no one is forcing you to pay anything, it's a free game.
    Just because you want to be top of the leaderboard in a quick way won't mean you get there.
    It take patience and determination.
  14. Thank you for answer but putting shiny blindly thinks on an old Volvo won't make it to be an Ferrari

    Don't you see that new players needs to spend thousands of $ to grow big

    And the horizon is to far away for a new player to have energy to try fight with the big guys.
    Don't you ATA see how it's impossible to grow big and all will loose energy and give up.

    Shiny things are good for 5 minutes but it won't change the volvo engine into a Ferrari engine
  15. Okay, let's see if this helps the Apes actually think.

    As you see in this image, the building gap is huge. Now The other issue is this.

    Though the Devs may have EB's that are meant for these new builds, only a small percentage of players can hit them.

    Many players going into the upper level tiers are in clans that can not even complete the upper tier Epic battles.

    Also this gap, mixed in with an out dated mechanic structure in PVP has given the GAP players an unfair advantage in PvP and EE events and situations.

    That gap is also extreamly unattractive to new players.

    More so, it is unattractive to mid build players as well. Most of the time it is mid build players who train and guide and create a friendly relationship with new players that make them stay. These new tiers, as well as the horrible plunder rate in mid and new EB's as well as the horrible plunder rate in PvP makes it unattractive for mid and top builds to even train New players.

    Note: even with the 50% increase, the plunder rate is horrible compared to how long it takes to achieve end game.


    Because it kills their growth and it would take 2 or 3 years to make a free to play (majority of players) player grow big enough to be useful to the clan.

    This growth also throws a nail in the coffin to the already demised ally market.

    -How to change it?

    As shown above, to change it is to dramatically increase payouts to free play epic battles.

    Though this move will throw another nail in the coffin, it will make strip farming less harmful, thus making OSW's endless, and it will decimate the ally market.

    That is the cost of constantly raising the roof on builds.

    To even begin to close the gap and save this game to make those top tier builds even worth it, you would now, and I mean you Now must plan for a way to completely overhaul this game.

    That or do us a solid and just pull the server now.

    your focus on keeping the top tier build players happy and involved in this game will run off every single one of your mid build players and prevent you from ever retaining a new player.

    Thank you for killing kaw.
  16. That plunder increase is a joke and you made it even harder for them to grab an ally.

    You just killed this game for new and mid builds.
  17. Tbh new players have it pretty easy compared to what older players had. The only issue they currently have is the ally market issue however I hope ATA will implement one of the many suggestions to fix this issue. Incorporating a max ally spell into the new player pack seems to be the best solution :)
  18. KaW, there are NO ALLIES under 1bil. Fix that.