ATA/KaW Meme Dump

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  1. Of course you wouldnt understand it because you only played kaw not even 2 month's.
  2. Love it 

  3. Once again roni proves to be the dumbest kaw player around. “Looks at profile see’s badge...assumes must be accurate”

    8 years + for me silly snowflake weren’t around when I started :)
  4. 8 years on kaw so you say hulkbuster but you not got the guts to post with your "main"insulting me.You just a new random recently only zoning in to me whenever i write on forums. Yet you lack the creativity to do a kaw meme of your own. Write now with that 8 year "veteran" account hulkbuster and waiting for your input of some additions to this thread.
  5. " Yo Westiee, give me more juice & make me go faster ! i dont get called ' Hulksmasher ' for going slow as a tortoise.i might only have my 2 months in training stabiliser Wheels on right now. But dont get it twisted i aint no noob in dis game " My main 8 year ride " is parked up in the Kaw veterans parking lot next to papa imf boi !"[​IMG][​IMG]
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  7. Good memes 
  8. I cant rub 2 braincells together.
    But when the Chubbster is around my Ron Ron,i become the Lovester
  9. Lol chubby, good one

    That active spell rofl
  10. Bump for the lulz! Feel free to share your KaW memes.
  11. The Fox Clan? 
  12. Bump for the lulz.
  13. Great post 
  14. Post memes here lol jk

    Inb4 Bella drivel. :lol:
  15. #33 got me in the feels :lol: