ATA/KaW Meme Dump

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  1. You forgot the biggest Meme.

  2. OMG, can't stop laughing. 
  3. Best read in ages 
  4. x_x has hijacked your thread op.

  5. #21 is perfect
  6. best of
  7. The intention was for players to share their memes too! Hence the thread title. :)
  8. You missed the italicised rip, I am offended
  9. The d.k.o.d mob Puns,Semzz,Nova Scotia & cdsb Dirty_Lil_Devil enter worldchat and chant ·.¸¸.·♩♪♫ " HMMmooo " ♫♪♩·.¸¸.·
  10. Silph enters world chat " [​IMG]OMG[​IMG] [​IMG]it's [​IMG]him [​IMG]it's [​IMG]him [​IMG]SWOON[​IMG] i think i'm going to pass-out [​IMG]Over here Silph, Over here :- notice me , notice me [​IMG]
  11. Ahhhhhhhhhhh x_x pls stop with these terrible memes you're not even using the commom premise of the pics you're using you're just using as though they're your reactions god damn it hurts to even look at them
  12. The point of being creative is not copying someone else
  13. Keep this thread on the top as a reminder of the Developers' failure.