ATA/KaW Meme Dump

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  1. Hello! Hadn't seen one of these around for a while, so figured I'd put together one.

    Just made a few memes on KaW related things I found funny.
    All the memes here are purely meant to be taken in it's comic sense and they aren't an ad hominem attack on ATA or it's moderators.

    Feel free to add your memes too! Just keep it clean and within the ToU. :)

    1. Me after I hear about Heckfire's global release.

    2. ATA HQ


    4. The last kaw week summed up in an image!



    7. Inflation in KaW and ATA's take:


    9. Oh. :lol:

    10. Them feels.

    11. Throwback to the roadmap that was never followed.



    14. RIP Prefect Drift.




    17. Ayy.

    18. The new wall layout is just ick.

    19. I'll keep my charms good Sir. Thank you.

    20. Must resist.


    22. Call me Mr. Worldwide


    24. If only ATA, if only.

    25. If I had a penny for everytime I heard this. :lol:


    27. Time for some Heckfire memes lel.




    31. What up with this ATA? Where's the oracle? We need answers!





    Ps: I hope the content doesn't offend anyone, shoot me a PM if it does and I'll take a look at it!
  2. Good, solid memes.
    Correct usage of each meme format.
    Didn't understand the one about Perfect Drift though.
    9/10, would archive for posterity sake.
  3. Made me LOL. 
  4. Quality thread
  5. Nice job.
  6. Hahaha some class memes here, simliar themes but it's hard not to meme about this stuff at times lol
  7. Added another 15 I made on the way back home! Hope this doesn't slow the page down much.

    @X! Nice ones. ;)
  8. Perfect drift was one of ATA's epic fails. Basically was a racing games with silly controls and horrendous graphics. No wonder it lasted like 2 months only.
  9. Lmfao 
  10. Fc wasn't around in 2009. It was released in 2011 iirc.
  11. I'm loving these memes, but please keep it within the tou. :)
    (the offending post has already been removed, so please don't jump me saying the current memes are already within the tou, I know they are :lol: )
  12. Fixed! Thank you. :)

    @Todd, I don't know you, but please stop posting that and keep it clean.
  13. Lol this is funny.