ATA etiquette towards EE Wars and New Chests

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  1. I like your ideas bro.
  2. Lots of good ideas here

  3. Agreed
  4. This is best idea yet. Winning should always reward better than just selfishly going for actions.
  5. Support iReg
    Support golthar

    It’s similar to watching the account that logs in twice a week and drops a bar on a NOTH (in which multiple accounts have used 6 xtals on), and “earns” the main drop.

    Why should I go to the oracle and purchase regens when I have the EXACT same opportunity to land the loot as someone who puts forth no effort?

    More effort towards the common goal of a group (like winning a war) should be rewarded with a greater opportunity for loot.
  6. Well...

    I hate to do this but I agree. However, I disagree with the point about Top 3 plunderers receiving chests as often mids do a lot of work and are unable to really get the rewards they deserve; DMW being one of them. Will just end up favouring to Leaderboards... which follows onto another issue... the imbalances in wars. The way the rosters are arranged due to heavy alb accs casting. So many problems in EE... BUT these chests have encouraged some more people to cast which is fun. As dmw said, the whole of the winning roster should get a chest at very minimum, accordingly the losers.

    Maybe reward the WC's and trackers? They make wars what they actually are and re-introduce admin roles.
  7. Support and make them untradeable.

  8. Smaller brackets would help here. The devs have made such disparity in stats, wars would be more competetive with 8-11 players per teir, until participation increases.
  9. Wars are never the top plunderer did the most effort, or the winning move, loads of you know, sacrificing your own crystal to make sure the opposite team plunderer can stay as a repin (even when failing),
    Or what if you're the bait where players keep you pinned cause you've been doing so well last couple wars. Semi Support, but want to find a way to stop alt wars, kinda dumb.
  10. Okay I see a lot of people trying here to get wars fix and this is why I don't war at all I would like to try waring but this is why I don't and let's be honest all the LL war is good for is ffa and it sucks and all the other wars I wouldn't try cause all I hear is how bad match ups are so how do new people come in to war when all you hear is how bad match ups are so do I war or not this is the problem I have
  11. You know top 100 alb always screw up match up. Specially top 10 ALB also made it worst when only 1 of them cast in war. I think devs should not allowed top 50 to war. Just give them gold ee 24/7. They pay their way up there. They deserve to have those ee lvl 5 24/7. Don’t allow them to cast I wars. Let the common players war so the match up are more balance.

  12. I may just consider warring again.
  13. Bring back equipment reward for top 10 in war LB too pls ty
  14. I love PWs concept, they give the loots back to winners... how to ensure NO EXPLOITATION?
  15. War rewards, such as token and chests should only be awarded to the winning team.
    The lower two chests can be awarded every war, perhaps based off an individuals ee rank, and the best chest set as end of event reward.
    Losing teams receive no rewards at all, maybe more will try and win a war
  16. I agree with this.
  17. Support lvl 5ee foe lyfe
  18. Not fair for all builds...PS would totally be left out as they pretty much already are. Good idea but needs amending to be fair for all.