ATA etiquette towards EE Wars and New Chests

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  1. ATA is doing their best to encourage folks to participate in EE Wars. That is great! Of all of the thousands of players in this game we’ve all come to love and hate, it is still a great time to show up on the battlefield and war alongside friends, enemies, and newcomers to the EE scene.

    However, this new feat from ATA is bringing along the same challenges that have irritated and discouraged the KaWmunity for years...which is the gamble portion of the game. For example, we get equipment that we’ve earned, and attempt to upgrade it with aqua/inferno/etc., we rightfully earned...only for it to be rejected by a server that seems to care less about us than a player than from those who refuse the effort.

    I propose, and I hope to gain support through the KaWmunity, as well as the ATA Support, and Mod channels that the following implementations be made:

    Guarantee the drop rate of the 3 new chests to the Top 3 Plunder and Successful Actions earners, respectively, (including successful defensive actions, debatable because we all know ffa clans, etc., strive on defensive actions).

    The remainder of the winning clans’ members receive two chests, minimum, rather random, or set in code.

    The losing clans’ members are awarded a minimum of the lowest grade chest, providing he/she participated wholeheartedly.

    Please don’t troll this post. I simply want to help improve this system before it fails.

    Thanks for reading, and I appreciate all constructive feedback.
  2. Not fair for leaches like me no support
  3. Agreed. Tired of Victory Pennants ...
  4. No. In LB wars half the roster is used to fail on people like KOS or Ein. Not fair to give plunder and action based awards when the cs and bfa are so different between the top and bottom of the roster
  6. They should not be tradable so dodgy ppl like musang above doesnt run a clan on alts in wars to farm them. No point warring now a days as its very rare to get a real fight. Part support to op but more needs to be fixed.
  7. This can be part of the bigger solution, it’s lil over an hour per war people set aside to play. But it gets ruined with all the alts that get casted. I’m disappointed and wanting to play less, me personally play cus of wars. But support for looking for a way to better wars, and make it more than just the poor excuse of match ups we have now.
  8. Rewards should be given evenly to the winning roster. Bottom players and sometimes even the mid players are oftenly used to sacrifice to weaken the opposition's tops. They make their contribution and should be rewarded as well. so I dont agree that that only top plunderers and/or players with more actions should get a reward. since they're all from the winning side, all must get equal reward. As for the losing side, I strongly suggest a smaller reward to be equally distributed to them for participating in the war. That will promote ee wars for everyone, and rewarding everyone accordingly. Thanks to iReg for coming up with this thread. its good that we express ourselves here even if it is in agreement or disagreement.
  9. So if a clan full of alts signs up and continues to take the piss out wars, you want to encourage this? It should be based upon actions as the ppl killing the game can only tap so many accounts at once. All efforts should be towards fixing this issue before the game gets even more unbalanced.
  10. Ur literally commenting this on an alt. And what he’s saying makes sense
  11. I think Iregs point about drop rates for chests IN EE is valid...I mean, they seem to be a fairly rare drop, combined with the amount of drops of the same type you’ll need to UG one piece of equipment, it does seem like by the time you could war enough to UG even one piece of the new equipment, you would have to complete thousands of wars.

    The trading boxes thing and alts is really only a LL war issue for the most part I think and those wars suck anyways. They honestly should be nerfed, they’re exploited and the most boring thing I’ve ever done on this game.

    So Valk says 1. Increase drop rate, and/or get rid of the aqua/Inf/myth drops from the chests. 2. Nerf LL wars.
  12. I agree. We/ATA have to decipher a way to combat a system to evolve past the ffa war program wherein we all gained rewards.

    I believe, ATA came up with this system to help combat that realm.
  13. I still enjoy LL EE Wars because all sizes can do them plus you can build your own team. The Devs did a good job busting all the Bot cheaters in these wars so it is even now. It is based on skill now. However, we need to increase balanced payouts for all the winning teams and balance the payouts for the losing team because team play requires some to many to sacrifice so the team can win. I’ve never had a Chest drop after winning a war but a minimum of one good chests and maybe two for the winning team is a good idea. I enjoy the no equipment and no charm Indy wars too but increase a balanced payout for those too. Thank you Ireg for starting this Thread.
  14. Thank you I agree those who are used to suicide on LB players shouldn’t get anything. They download this game to be LB slaves.
    Also I don’t trust that musang guy. He sucks on this game. He made many players cry and made them hide to talk on alts. Very bad guy, I wish he stop farming cry babies.
  15. It’s true. Mustang is the type of player to avoid. It is known
  16. Support ireg... Lets hope the devs take this on board!
  17. I see Winston is reading this, poor guy is up late. :lol:
  18. Support, wars need some need ideas
  19. It’s not complicated. Make winning more important than actions. The 50/50 rewards based on wins and actions draws too many ffa players.

    I can understand that this system was implemented because too many wasted 2 hours to have their efforts undermined by moles or inactives but a better balance would be offering 400/200 for win/actions or 450/150.

    A small change easily implemented and would help a lot.

    A propos this thread, make chest rewards follow more or less the same system for drops.