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  1. Mith rebate would be acceptable
  2. Ummm how would u spend 40 mith in 4 hrs I bought all atk spells and hid my allies. I used 18 so the mith lose is so minimal that refunding it would be a waste of the devs time. I'd rather them continue working on the war system rather than have to sit around making a program to return max 20 mith to people. I know the loss of mith sucks I've lost well over 150 putting my helm to lvl 2 but I'd rather give the devs time to fix the problem than demand immediate compensation.
  3. Battle Fury - 1
    Bloodlust - 6
    Fog of War - 1
    Veil of Darkness - 6
    Seal of Loyalty - 4
    Unholy Aura - 15
    Total 33
  4. If u know u won't win then don't waste the resources, it's their own fault, cost of war...
  5. Why would you buy seal of loyalty? That's rediculas. Everyone banks their gold in war, so buying allies is pointless.
    2. African children have nothing to do with KaW
    3. It's war, stop crying.
  6. That would be the issue why even bother with unholy aura just an outrageously large expense for no real reason. If u just stop using that every war I'm sure u would feel that u weren't losing so much. Especially considering u can see ur opponent in advance, and can see if u are outrageously mismatched. If u aren't then u lost it fair and square, and if u are then don't use it, it's simple.
  7. Why would you cast unholy aura?
  8. So pick on a certain number and not the point... Real mature. Ignoring the point behind a post reveals that you have not done a proper war and felt how being outnumbered due to developers' mistakes. Your point therefore means nothing to those that are trying to reach the developers.
  9. Please stay on topic: Basically requesting appropriate customer service from ATA
  10. sorry but no support at all for this.
    Ive lost my 3 wars this week end all of them by over 100bil.
    But still,
    Using xtal is your decision. AtA doesnt obligates you to buy their products nor to use them. Its a free game after all. If u used xtal and the war ended up by over 100b, it was YOUR decision to use them at that moment and its pretty much a questionnable decision in that case. Also, using xtals stays your decision and its your mistake. if you feel like you've wasted them, assume it. I do assume the xtals i used this week end and i dont blame everything on devs.
    This is the kind of thread i find so stupid to read, no disrespect to OP but srsly, its a free game and they give you all the fun of war for free. Its ur decision to buy xtals or not.

    Second point is about mith. Well it's still ur decision to mith up or not. I know you cant guess before the war that you'll lose by 100b but still, using mith stays ur decision. And 1 last thing, would you please stop using unholy aura in estoc wars? Its a waste of mith for you, that is all. It brings absolutely nothing for you.
    Last point is that, as the devs mentionned in another thread, it would be way too long and would take way too much human ressources to evaluate all the EW of this week end and decide if its a mismatch or not and there would be people crying all over kaw for that. IMO, the devs are better working on fixing these problems before wasting their time to give us back the 16mith we used.
  11. Why is it so much to ask for a refund for something I lost due to an acknowledge mess up from ATA which they admit to.
  12. because its not their fault if you used mith/xtal. Its you who used them. All they could refund you is the def pots you used in the war lol
  13. Actually since I went into the EE war with the expectation that I could possibly win and that the system was out of beta and that ATA has acknowledged the problem was due to issues with the match up. Yes I have a right as a customer to ask for reimbursement. If you bought a software package and it didn't do what was advertised you would return for a refund.
  14. Kaw has reimbursed players for glitches before. Why is this different?
  15. I think the bigger point made by KaW and touched on by LurkinGor and others is the issue that giving a refund to you or your clan of anything opens a huge can of worms. Once everyone agrees on what should be refunded (xstals? no. mith? yes. pots? no. etc etc) then the question becomes who gets refunds? That is a huge can of worms that will eat up all of their time and that's why there are no refunds being given.

    For the matchups that resulted in 80 vs 40 active, those were clearly unfair. Okay, so they get refunds. What about those with 65 vs 40 active? Still unfair, sure give them refunds too. What about those with 58 vs. 40 active? Eeeehhhhh, getting close but yeah...I guess. Okay, what about those with 50 vs. 40 active? No way, that's not bad....unless you ask them. They'll say that was huge, the other team had 25% more warriors and that allowed them to KO and then sit on timers. Okay, so maybe them too, they get a refund. What about the 30 vs. 38 active? That's 25% more as well? Do they get refunds?

    The curse is that KaW would be spending a ton of time dealing with refunds of 20 or so mith and everyone would complain that their war was unfair and that they should get mith back too.

    Or.....they could spend that same amount of time and fix the matchup algorithm so it wouldn't happen again in the future. There are only so many hours in the day/week so which one do you want?

    KaW assumes, and rightly so, that most folks would prefer that they fix the algorithm and so that's what they're going to spend their time doing.

    PS. Dino, you have a horribly boring name.
  16. Or they could wave a magic wand and in one swoop refund all. Problem solved. It was an admitted ATA mess up.
  17. For some strange reason I was expecting to Actually read this. But then I looked at it and I decided im gonna ask for a TL;DR version.

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  18. paragraphs; what a wonderful invention.
  19. What if you were matched alright but just sucked it up and lost horribly? 