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  1. I mean—it’s clear devs have left this game for dead. But there are some pretty easy, cheap ways to improve the game. Like literally maybe five minutes of your time.

    One of those things would be to offer increased power mith for larger builds—like mith whose efficacy could actually make a difference in pvp. When mith first came out—builds were HL and LL only. And it has never increased with time.

    Im choosing mith as the ‘primer’. I’m hoping this thread can be used by all to show some other very easy and cheap ways to improve the game.

    Post away.....
  2. Yeah mith should be built on to get more people to war, mith equipment needs a boost to be relevant again. But the kaw dev team only has 2 people on it now and I doubt they have the resources to do something like this.

    Welcome back btw, nice to see you again
  3. Agreeed. Devs you suck.
  4. Yeah. Yet they have ads all over Facebook for Pimd and KoH. Hmm. Are we next to get the chopping block?
  5. Of course we are.
  6. Head over to the Heckfire forums and you'll see how true this statement is. Heckfire is their only focus now, the future of their company depends on how well it does. Heckfire has daily dev support, with the devs listening to the community and adding game play features and UI/UX updates with every development sprint for Heckfire. KaW hasn't had that for years. They outsource the artwork for KaW, charms etc. So the game is on auto run mode, with a 2 member team for KaW. The main reason for KaW's decline and inevitable end is that ATA choose to ignore it. Why? Idk, they had a good thing going on here, would have made sense to at least have a community manager to keep the game running and periodically update it.
    Charms ruined the game, it created a black market for them, with players making alts to exploit the 0 stat build max drops mech and farm charms. Not to mention the furnishings exploit that pushed 1000s of cloned pets into the game and ruined their economy.
    It's clear that KaW has no QA(Quality Assurance) process, updates are not tested before being pushed into production.

    On the other hand, PiMD makes them the most, so they pay attention to it. It just received a UI update a month back.
  7. I'm telling you what to do make a petition and tell then we will stop paying them :lol: we will get what we want or gane will die honestly idc anymore the encryption they use to you know what NVM
  8. Should we do a PBU, Player Buy Out? They should give it to us for free..
  9. ATA is one of the worst companies to be honest. They made a lucky hit game. Made a following a milked it. The only reason why it lasting is because the human interaction. They only listen to the people who make their money(LB). “We want new land, new building lvl, new ebs cause it’s getting boring devs”. Yet they don’t understand the consequence of what that lead. I left two years ago because they added new land. Why did that bother me? Because I did not even finish my HF land when the bottom right lands came out. I know plenty of people had that happen to but it’s the fact that my leader board rank was 5000. The are pleasing the top 200 and spitting on the rest. ATA does not care about you. ATA does not care about this game. ATA only care to earn quick money instead of making a community that support them. Yes I know a few years ago they did major changes to the team, but that was all just for show. Acting like they do care. They were there to find a way to maximize the amount of money for the Parker base. Which don’t give me wrong is not a bad thing for a typical business, but they distroyed something that could have been like World of Warcraft and made it like club penguin. (I don’t know if this actually is a club penguin senecio, but just act like it is.

    Change my mind

    “Oh Snowman, why are you still playing then.” The only reason I’m am playing to to become LB again and play in ASW if it comes back cause this game on on the last string.
  10. Sort out pots in marketplace make some % based .mithrill should be % as well,allies are becoming obsolete after max plunder due to charms so why not up ally bonus or get a bonus from owner perhaps,
  11. Once they started giving xtals away like hot cakes I knew the game was on its last leg. Thats the same thing they did to GaW before the shut down
  12. then gave everyone max everything :lol: #BringBackGaW
  13. Don't expect much from the devs panic. This game died with the charm update, let me correct myself the ability for people for trade charms did. People spending hundreds to thousands of charms rather than buying xtals=rip KaW's income which will only bring this game's demise closer. As well as so many people exploiting the ability to mass create charms via alts doing EBs with 100-200 alts and people using scripts to do so. And yes as people as said before this game's dev team is so small I doubt they have the workforce to even create new changes to this game. KoH is their main focus, if you want change then you are barking up the wrong tree play a different game 
  14. Been many months since i posted.
    If i remember i unload thats it.
    Numbed and disinterested.
  15. Permenetly banned from pimd
  16. We have hundreds of these threads. All with great ideas from the community. Sadly devs wont even read or consider them so i'm not gonna waste my time posting any
  17. Quit your whining and play future combat instead
  18. Omg this games dying! Holy crap this games dying! This games dying! This games dying?

    Everyone's been saying that well over a year now. Has the quality of game play diminished? Yes, depending on what aspect you use. Constant legends are bad from some but great for most.

    Devs found yet another way to make profit off Kaw, cudos to them. When this cash cow runs dry, they will just find another. "This game was better when it was purely PvP."

    I've heard it all, if this game could thrive purely on PvP. Ebs wouldn't have been introduced. PvP dosent generate the income that PvE does, neither does standard ebs. So legends are a nessacary evil.

    "I'll never be bc" "It's tough on new players", legends help growth tremendously. The charms system allows smaller players to defend again Bc players. Want more charms? Sell seals, yes it's pay to win. However it's still free to play. Been nearly a year since I've personally invested a cent into kaw & I'm still doing fine.

    Kaws not dying, regardless of how many people stand on a soap box & preach. This games going fine.
  19. A few small ideas:

    1. New mith spells, just a handful will do. Maybe one that boosts defense and spy defense and one that boosts attacks and spy attacks. Mix it up. Or just ones that are more powerful than the current ones, not to replace them.

    2. Rearrange buildings. Simple drag and drop to move buildings around. Doesn't add much to the game but I'm sure some will like it.

    3. Sort badges/achievements by each users liking. Simple, doesn't add much to the game but I'm sure there are people out there that would love to show off their resurrection or swindler/vangaurd badges.

    4. Add more time to mid tier epic battles. Some smalls only clans can't complete them in the allocation times and are forced to sit in smaller clans where their growth is slowed or move to lotl/goth rota once big enough, leaving small clans to decay. Bigs can easily mow down mid tier epics within the allocated times, but they don't want to waste their time on that when there is goth/lotl. So why not just extend the times on epics from Apheriun of Exile to Skorpios the Deathstalker?
  20. Support to Ashton