At first Ai came for the low skilled workers and I said noth

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  1. I just recent read a tiny bit from an article and it said that within 45 years AI will have the potential to take over 100% of jobs and do a better job than humans.

    At what point or at what job do we say no to the Ai? Wheres the middle ground and what are we willing to give? Sure all the factory jobs people bat an eye over because most are lower paying to some degree but what about if Ai starts to creep into other job markets. It's definitely a slippery slope I hope humanity doesn't come to regret in 150 years.

    If you have any thoughts on the AI subject taking jobs or even becoming self aware lemme know
  2. They already perform certain surgeries faster and more safely than doctors.
  3. Few weeks ago a robot landed a passenger plane and it's set to come out on the market in 2018.So I guess we don't need 45 years to be replaced.
    As for a fact,they can't program themselves so they'd still need us lol.The human mind is more capable and spontaneous than the AI,therefore the greatest things come from humans,as we're capable to take risks.
  4. Yeah, it's just the greedy way of the world i guess, too many bosses & management types are worried more about increasing profit margins rather than overall social needs...sad to say but most ppl are crap n don't care enough about won't ever change unless the lower & middle classes get up off their asses & start doing something about it seriously.
  5. Ai is being pushed as a weapon

    Even after all the jobs are taken you still have to pay the bankers to live on this planet

    The benevolence of the bankers will allow you few credits per day (with interest) to just barely survive and pay your taxes

    Lot of people eat garbage just to live one more day, this is our future that the elite groups are working towards

    We do not have a society fit for humans, if you are not an employee or a customer you're nothing unless you're a prisoner

    Until we have a society fit for humans and there is a place for the family unit, Ai will be a disaster

    Their goal is depopulation because it's hard to rule 9 billion people, they only want 350 million people on the planet, that means you and me have to die from preventable disease or war

    Also intelligent people are hard to rule over, that's why forced education is so terrible

    "Repeat after me" gets the good grades not ideas or thinking

    Repeating the lies allows them to control reality thru your beliefs, and if you have bad information you'll make bad decisions

    Your core beliefs are unchanging for generations

    Real history is suppressed so it can be repeated

    When Ai are writing our laws, and the robot police are enforcing them, you'll see a level of tyranny that's impossible to survive, the jails will be full and no one will leave alive, to save money is just cheaper to kill

    We need humanity to replace the economy, corporations need to serve the living instead of ruling

    When we have a society fit for humans and corruption is removed, there is no profit, where helping others gets you elevated in the community

    When the family has a place, no one has to pay to survive and there are no debts,

    Then we will have grown up enough for ai to coexist, along side of us instead of ruling us,

    Every new invention is weaponized first, if it's beneficial to society it's suppressed

    For example everyone who runs their car on water gets murdered, free electricity has been around over 100 years, instead it's metered and sold

    They don't care about money they print all they need, they only want control
  6. Whenever i see your name i skip your post
  7. Some times I'll read the first sentence
  8. That's good your skipping my comments, I'm happy with that

    Stay off my threads too
  9. Ai>Humans

    1. AI wont kill the earth
    2. AI is super opop
    3. Can i be an AI yet?
  10. The sad part is x_x makes great points and a lot of what he says is true. However, it gets drowned out by his tinfoil ranting and the message is lost. Sucks but that's why crazy conspiracy theorists are not looked upon with positive thinking as the good factual points get drowned out by the rantings of a crazy nutter.
  11. Is history nothing but the cumulative invention of a slew of people in the hands of their own countries, during their times, the most powerful? What if medieval English is nothing but fiction? Is the New York Times just a liberal propaganda machine? How much can you trust in a .gov Food & Nutrition report? How much crime gets reported in a high-income neighborhood, and how does that affect property prices?

    Through some omnipotent hand, conspiracy theorists seem to exist to nudge us towards questioning our status quo.
  12. I've been waiting for the governments to reduce us to a "manageable population" since i first read the theory in 1997. Still waiting.
    the truth of the matter is that we're already manageable. why would they cut profits like that? it's like ATA resetting 80% of the playerbase because they can't handle negative feedback. it would make no sense. instead they give us more control systems, and we keep tap tap tapping our way, oblivious.
    A.I. can get as advanced as it wants, until they do something about how clunky and awkward our current robotics are, until they can move like a human, i feel secure in my job.