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  1. im never gonna get on leaderboard cuz of lands

    so no asw for me

    can we have like a mid ranged asw?

  2. Jr ASW used to be a thing I think. It wasn't official but was probably fun nonetheless. Find someone who hates themselves enough to organize one.
  3. Jesus has spoken.
  4. Whats ASW?
  5. Every year this has been proposed and every year the idea has been shot down by the community.

    The reasoning is what the ASW represents. It represents those that fought their way on the lb. Whether it be through $$ or simply working hard to get there.

    Players feel that if something like this happened, it'd take away from what the ASW is all about.

    Im sorry to say, but no support. I'm not on the lb, but ASW is one thing that keeps me going and growing to achieve lb status and maybe one day be able to actually participate in an ASW.
  6. when is the ASW? :p
  7. "All star" its in the title... so if not in asw you'd be a B lister
  8. All Stars?

  9. Call them Noob Wars
  10. It should just be the highest 1600 to sign up or whatever forget the top 10k its never full anyway.
  11. i just feel like there are a lot of good ee warriors in my bracket who should get more recognition.

    i dont think all star means spending money to get to the top of the leaderboard. if thats the case then the all star wars should just be a competition to see who can get the highest plunder on an eb.

    all these people who do ee wars should have some sort of competition where they show off who is the best of the best.

    maybe have an event where you do wars and the top 500 get to participate in the ee all star wars or something
  12. @Lonesong, you mean like the Summer Wars tournament?
  13. yeah if thats a thing then its probably what i mean
  14. Ah. The summer wars I'm thinking about were the last hurrah of the old war system before they introduced the EE / knockout system. Clans signed up for wars in a bracket format each week, narrowing down to quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals. ..and, it was done in the summer.

    There have been various somewhat similar stuff since, but nothing regular lately, I think.
  15. We can have the B-List Wars.


    Or the B-List Stars War.


    Whichever you like
  16. Think a BSW would be fun. Hardest part would be getting the people
  17. Give the smalls and mids what they want,these are also your everyday customers too