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  1. LEts talk about

    I know what y'all are thinking saying your to small for it but this isn't about that

    What if the devs did a war event for smalls called the non star wars winners will get a achievement called the best non star warrior with bill and ted on the badge and will win nothing else but that badge partakers will win a padge that has a pic of Donald trump saying we tried now let's talk about equipment winners will get a haillary face mask that has 25k not enchanted but when enchanted 25m on each stat the losers will get a Donald Trump mask that provides him wearing a fedora and a 250k not enchanted when enchanted 275k your thoughts?
  2. I 275k full support 25m this.
  3. ^yes
  4. Buy my allies good bfa for asw ;)
  5. Players used to Run a war for those who weren't big enough for ASW.
  6. Nice try mate but this idea is brought up every year so the likelyhood of it happening is approximately.. 0%ish
  7. Mmmmmm. Bill and Ted 
  8. Used to have the Jr All Star war wee smaller players could compete, but it was run by the players
  9. Id lose just to get Trump. Trump2k16
  11. Why no indi for next 3 days?
  12. That's not related to this forum *moonface*
  13. It's :moonface: m8, like the BBCode emojis
  14. A suggestion for Ops...

    FYI i am top 10k and can enter ASW but u can start a petition for all those who r not.

    EG: Maybe a very large 2 clan showdown of all the others unable to enter ASW can be set up.
    With S6 over and all those who had gripes with a war clan only event this could be a way to acknowledge them and their desire to war on a big stage.

    Just think of how big the match up could be for a moment....

    300 vs 300, 500 vs 500 or bigger yet

    It would make for very fun watching for those too big to enter lol

    Edit: do not expect a short 1hr war but maybe a 24hr war could be much mayhem n fun.
  15. I could make devs do that just for Lil ole me but they blocked my email
  16. Noodle is a liar :'(