ASW "Leachers"

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  3. Yeah many just join for achievement badge. They need to pay for that.
  4. But yeah I was not in the osw. Hell I was not even close to ASW. But I looked at some of the wars and teams lost because of these noobs. Oh well

  5. Support this and thanks for that list, Richard 
  6. Just to the comment about the HLBC noobs with no pots.
    I was amazed at the number of players in my clan with only the bare minimum def pots, a few had to buy some to even reach the min requirement. One HLBC only had 95 def pots, but the vast majority seemed to have just bought them, because they were just at the minimum.

    I still can't get my head around how they joined the war then went about their business until 45 minutes before the end of war, when CC started to fill with names I hadn't seen, people asking right at end of war why we hadn't kicked leaks...guess you guys should have been here for the last few hours while we were discussing it.
  7. Support I love a "good war". EBs have made players soft. It's a war game afterall
  8. @giskard
    Dear friend,yes some don't manage to get enough plunder,but that doesn't mean they don't contribute during war....for example by co-ordinating and organizing strategy. It's not fair to be eliminated for low plunder. Thank you
  9. Having or not having def pots is strategy as can be an "all star", and a great warrior, and still not have pots. Attack pots, though, well...even EB warriors have a ton of those. This war had plenty of those guys.

    We had people who thought stripping a pinned attack build would help war plunder.

    We had people who didn't know why someone with fewer actions would be above them in rank.

    You should have to pass a KaW "war quiz" to be put on the rosters of ASW. There should be a question "will you be active?" Admins should be chosen by the team, and given the right to kick. This is all part of the game/strategy.

    I realize ATA is worried about people abusing that privilege. They tend to punish people for what MIGHT happen, rather than just planning ahead for...if it happens, we'll handle it this way.

    Teams/admins should be chosen at least a week in advance. Once an admin is chosen, they should have to "agree" to terms set forth by ATA saying they will not abuse the privilege.

    Otherwise, simply not having them ruins MUCH of the war for the entire event. You punish all players for the POSSIBLE actions of few.

    The Big Brother aspect of warring is changing things, but not for the better in most cases. The more that is taken away from the system, the less strategy there is for players to implement. Strategy is what makes it fun.

    I know, I know...TL;DR.
  10. That would help picking admins in advance and posting it so there is time to for that clan to say no we don't want that admin. I didn't sign up this year because I couldnt commit the needed time but apparently that didn't stop a lot of people.
  11. This is important, take note. Every clan had the same chance of getting this EB noobs, and all of them did to some degree, you were at no disadvantage. If you're pissed off at one, find him and hurt him.
  12. I wish I could've joined as I could layer the smack down, I love me some system war sometimes
  13. Please don't tell me you didn't anticipate this outcome. I am willing to bet that if you all kicked the eb noobs, half the clan would be gone in half am hour and those noobs would be in uproar. Devs can't risk losing them all.
  14. Too exploitable, 1v100,2v100 and so on etc is easier to win than 100v100
  15. I think in the future ASW should go on how many wars u have participated in, won, and activity. I didn't have the 100000 wins and maybe not quite the stats but I would have done alot more than an inactive. I noticed from the beginning that the side with the least leaks would win. Since u could not kick members u were honestly screwed. My respects go out to anyone in the ASW who honestly tried and scored atleast 70 hits.
  16. When you don't have to show up to get rewards---what did you really expect!
  17. Great stuff jayde, Mick Richard and others. I think the team captain thing is one that has merit. Let people volunteer as captain then have a draft of eligible applicants.
  18. Bama, there is no way to measure OSW, though, and most old school people on KaW have seen more osw than system war.