ASW Clan High Lights

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  1. We all had fun I'm sure in ASW clans over the weekend. Share the HGH lights of the weekend Festivities.
  2. I get to wear my fav color, cyan, for free all the time :D and the team representing that color even won... so ... GO LIONS :p


    Not anymore... devs... why :’(
    Jk, it was fun while it lasted. <3
  3. We the Green Grizzlies were in 2 neck n neck wars before the finals. Constant 6hrs of adrenaline rush. The finals was another story. Cyan grinded away and built up a 5.2t lead with 1.5hrs left to go. Then our saved xtals were blitzed and the lead was almost gone i noticed wc cyan rooters disappeared pretty much lol.
    It seemed like they were aghast and thought the war win was all locked up.

    In the end it was a long trek but great fun
  4. Well,I was asleep most of the time so...
  5. Ignoring some burps i hope all had a great time
  6. We had a lot of fun cc banter was great. Like running zta n xtalng n using my spy's to farm amar n he ever posted his wall so I told vamp to call him cause I was worried about him ha ha
  7. You should have seen out cc during that rush there where you ate most of the lead. Some "flowery" language shared by all in those ten minutes.

    For me, I managed to fail ako a top 20 lb once in each war. That will always be a fond memory!
  8. I just thought it was fun and a laugh wish they'd do more longer wars like we used to have 4 hour ee.
  9. Xsky's activity was the true highlight (moonface)
  10. Sure would be a fun change of pace

    I can very well imagine 
    Seems there is always those who panic but u all kept it together and won anyways. My question is how many of those pooping bricks did a 180 when its was over with?
  11. My highlight was knocking out 4 out the top 10 on WR in a 3 minute period during the finals.

    Was only at the 2-3 hour mark so plunder wasn't as great as it could have been, but it was still cool.

    Would post an SS but I can't remember how.

  12. Lowlights were lags and ppl booted off kaw.
    Prolly the same for both sides in the finals but was very inopportune and disruptive still.
    Btw its not an excuse merely fact.

    Can we not have more war events rather than lumped into Legends pls. Give everyone a taste of some more big wars that is.

    Grats again to -Cyan Lions - 

    issues were worst at high noon EDT midwar
  13. My first (and probably last) ASW was an awesome experience  that last war where the grizzlies almost caught up - what a rush! I kept jumping up out of my chair freaking out and my husband thought I was nuts  but overall an A experience
  14. Night hawk I got booted out of kaw right after I xtal n u guys made a mass xtal i reset phn n was waiting butt cheeks clinched thinking I gave up a ton of plunder as I loved bk on was jut getting hit huge relief ha ha
  15. Our cc was fun we had a huge mixed group. We all razzed each other n had fun I know I did. Then we had some duds that never spoke a word also. Probably the same in real life, but hay I HD ppl laughing n hvn fun met new ppl n laughed . was great be cool if Kaw had more war events n leanghty times I'm sure if u can figure out ow to profit u will unlimited xtals I'm sure helped hint hint.
  16. Ayyyyy was just coming to post this. Shoutout to the legend xsky for carrying our team to victory! Oh wait ?
  17. Smh..he was too busy warring his other acc
  18. Cool heads in the face of panic survive 
    I was not booted myself but lags made me sweat and got bitten but heh crap happens.

    What the heck i had a blast say no more 
  19. Changed name to -LapetuS- fyi ;)
  20. I thought it was fun, although more experienced warriors would be nice, and those that tried really hard but lacked the information to War better was a problem I saw, (this being directed towards the devs not y'all who warred..)

    Adding more War types: random, adv, classic, round, and 100 players weekend wars would give potential asw players a chance to learn things that are hard to explain in a few pages..