ASW Betting - Compensating Edge Cases

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Charlie, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. Is everyone elses circles showing up in market?
  2. if i wanted circles i'd buy them. the reason zta doesn't get sales from me n many others is cos its an appaling eb that feeds disloyal aspects of the game. give us sb's instead of circles n u'll see better participation n happier players.
  3. I thought betting was awesome! Will this be a permanent addition? :D
  4. It's on ur profile are you on iOS or droid you can wall me and I can try to help
  5. Ty alot I see it now
  6. I never received my pieces and I had 4 rewards on last round.
  7. T-Rekt

    Hai Dinosaur!

  8. From day one of zta,never lay a single hit on it.the circle keep filling up in inventory and become junk.i would be happy if Devs remove it from my inventory.there is no more healthy grow-up competition and i missed the day how everyone worked hard to become big before hte/zta come to ruined it.
  9. The betting system was a great idea. Devs despite the hiccups you hit a home run on this addition. Would love to see this implemented again in future promos (optional & not mandatory to reach top tiers). Would be a fun addition that could allow faster items for smaller players.

    Now I've seen people complain "Your encouraging betting for children"

    1. This was completely optional
    2. It required absolutely no money
    3. The prizes were "premium items"
    4. You were guaranteed 24 items for logging in.
    5. Given away with no option to buy, & traded for premium items we normally had to buy with nobs.
    6. Lastly, X2 the amount you bet with only your initial bet as a loss. So you stood to win twice what you stood to loose.

    All of the above are logical points to stop the debates.
  10. I made about 60 zta pieces. How can i complain.
  11. Whole ASW was a joke anyway lol do expect anything other than a cluster๎€๎’๎„…๎
  12. Although the participation wasn't too great the ASW itself was fine slay. Unlike last year where the matchups got screwed up this year went pretty smoothly. Care to enlighten us to what you thought went wrong because honestly I thought this was a pretty good ASW.
  13. when are the ASW, I'm ready to bet
  14. ASW was a few days ago bep so you kinda missed them :lol:
  15. I ended with 8 tokens and I still don't have my circles or the circles I bought with nobs
  16. I have yet to receive my circles from asw bets
  17. I didnt get compensated for the finals and semi finals. Please check. Thank you
  18. It's lame that people who didn't bet are receiving circles for NOT participating